Nov 30, 2012

Slight Smile


i pulled out my water soluble pastel crayons:
then took a wet brush to them
so fun

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Nov 26, 2012


in the far off distance
she found a light

much like the light within her heart
which gave her wings
to fly

may you walk in beauty

Nov 21, 2012

Joy in Friendship

joy existed with her fairy friend
offering you flowers 
a thank you for your lovely friendship in our:
 land of blog

 may you walk in beauty

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Nov 19, 2012

Her Gentle Gaze

her gentle gaze

the colors in first image are fairly accurate
it is hard to photograph art on this dark evening
days grow shorter as we move towards winters Solstice

Nov 17, 2012

Fairy and Friends

at my wooden ceiling
i noticed a fairy
sitting on a snail
well that got me out of bed and sketching


inspiration can be found in endless ways

may you walk in beauty

Nov 13, 2012

Medicine Man

spirit of a medicine man
with feathers he did dance
he pranced
for he knew he was a wonderfully unique
the sort that brought magic to all he did meet
a treasure for any who he may greet

I have been putting original art 
in my Etsy shop
let him be your lucky charm 

Nov 10, 2012

Gift of a Wand

such a magical offering
can her heart open to accept his fairy gift?

four versions of Finn
and i just love drawing ladies on their toes!
I shared these sketches last week at:

thought it was time to share them here

a huge smile and thank you to:
for her wonderful piece of art!

 I won the bowls and i love it. 
It is even more vibrant in person. 
Thank you Tracey!

Visit Sophia's:
to enjoy other peoples sketches!   

Nov 5, 2012

Election's Eve

as a dear friend replaced my plumbing today
i found myself drawing a Buddist monk

in meditation
i thought about our country
the USA 
our election tomorrow
 my heart leans towards all hearts
may we consider the best path
for all life
on planet earth
may we consider paths that support life
of trees
 of flowers
and critters
all people

may peace and health and love
reign on earth
with love,

Nov 3, 2012

Sunday Sketches

I remember when i began drawing
and painting

sketching seemed challenging
i felt i needed to know how to draw 
to create a sketch

i felt that a sketch was a zen like piece of art
a skilled person 
could make something interesting from a simple line
or lines

now i love sketching
i love trial and error
i do have a 'bit' more skill
and sketching freely is satisfying

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