Feb 28, 2014

Stone Cloud

I went away this week
Up the North Fork to Polebridge
stayed in a cabin named Stone Cloud

the name of this beautiful and wild land inspired this painting:

while in Stone Cloud
the mountains became her wings

today is the last day of February
which is the last day of Alaya's 29 Faces!

Thank you so much for hosting this inspiring event!

and yes
the stones around here can be quite colorful:


but the land was not summer 
it is still very much winter here:

Feb 21, 2014

DC: Eye Contact

eye contact can make all the difference in the world
smiles abound

this is some eye contact that i will not forget:

I was a safe distance away, in a neighbors yard

(drawing challenge) 
this weekend

her inspiration for us is:
eye contact
follow the link this weekend to see more art for eye contact

also, two more faces for 29 Faces


Feb 19, 2014

She Dreams of Spring

snow continues to fall here in the NW  corner of Montana
and i find myself thinking of sweet new life will be
and flowers!

and the faces continue

Feb 16, 2014

Sketching and Painting

energy swirls

fast sketches
on handmade paper
it felt good to play with you

Thank you Alaya for being our generous host!

Feb 11, 2014

Wings for Ears

 wings for listening
more deeply
with love

Montana Lake rocks, tiny icebergs

thank you Alaya for being our wonderful host!

Feb 9, 2014

Drawing Faces....

last week i created a painting
and the gal had flowers for hair

seems tonight I needed to draw more flowers...

I had glued tissue paper down in a lavender color,
looking at the page I saw this woman in the edges of the torn tissue
'she rose from the edges'

sharing with 29 Faces
if you click the link there are 163 people sharing their faces

Feb 7, 2014

DC: Daily Project

i am doing 29 faces this month
a face each day
so that is my daily project

Today, Friday is the 7th, 
but somehow i have 9 faces already
so I will share this weeks faces here

and not post another until the end of the weekend

the one above
and below
are much like my life
winter above
summer below

this painting, a mix of sketching and paint, was a joy to make
and has sold, thank you!

tiny flowers..... 
took a long time:

playing with colors, fae:

thank you Stephanie!

Feb 5, 2014

Day 5 of 29 Faces

beneath these layers of paint
lie a sweet and romantic poem
these acrylic faces i have been making 
take so much time!
layers and layers of color and texturing
fun fun fun

sharing with Alaya's:

thank you Alaya!

Feb 1, 2014

February 29 Faces begins!

i love my home
first came the ink sketch
fast and fun

also fairly fast and fun

feel free to join in!
Thank you Ayala Arts!