May 28, 2023

Let's Paint an Angel

These paintings were from a lesson named lets paint and angel.

They began as flower petals and then we turn them into an angel.

This last one was the first one I did. The paper would not support re-wetting previous paint to meld it with new layers. So I painted the two above on different papers, which was much more successful in that regard.

 I find it interesting to do one lesson a few times to see how each one is different. How new inspiration rises. How new ideas unfold. 


If you are curious about this teacher, she has many classes:

Päivi Eerola




May 7, 2023

Abstract Forest


The assignment from the course I am taking:

Magical Forest

was to paint an abstract forest

the one above does not look that abstract to me

so I made a second one.

Are either of them abstract?

This is called negative painting. 

you outline the subject (tree) with paint, instead of painting the tree itself. 

One of many things I am experiencing in this course is finding the artist in me

that existed before this world told me:

mountains aren't that pointy

trees aren't that color

this is how you draw a flower


It is so fun to take pencil or brush to paper and make marks and eventually finding things from life in it. 

I get absorbed in the movement of the brush, the marks the pencil makes

just for that experience. 

I love it. 


I hope this finds you enjoying your day. 



May 2, 2023

Flower Fairy


Everywhere she went
rays of light danced and flickered

a painting from the course I am taking with Pävai Eerola
I am enjoying her lessons and the multitude of layers that go into them.