Aug 30, 2013

D.C.: Order and Chaos

nest: a sacred vessel
eggs: the perfect order for the promise of life
wee ones are born
then chaos begins 

big smile
this week i have been working on two paintings with owls
in them

THEN i had an amazing encounter with THREE
Great Gray owls
a mother and two fledglings
it was at dusk, when they come out to hunt
so the photo is grainy:

some how i feel that all life is contained in this theme
the word 'trust' comes to mind
sometimes we can not see where all the tiny details are heading
where they all end up
perhaps chaos leads to order

or at least it can
thank you Barbara 
for inspiring an interesting contemplation

a branch broke in a tree this week
it seemed like an arm offering this nest so that i could see it
previously it was hidden to my sight

such amazing 'order' in the way it is made!

nicely glued to the branch

a sacred vessel 
for the eggs and babies it held

Aug 23, 2013

DC: Nature

her very nature sprung from the forest floor 

inspired by the blooming fungi

though they were the fruit of the underworld

they also seemed like fairy kin

a mix of magic and earth

finding mushrooms
is a great joy
they are colorfully creative beings

one of my favorites also to photograph
they can be found in my photography shop

I am joining a wonderful group of artists who will share this weekend
inspiration: "nature"
hosted by lovely and talented Nadine from Tiny Woolf
 visit her site to find the other participants

Aug 20, 2013

Sacred Cargo

sacred cargo
special delivery
team work

some times 
i enjoy sketches as much
as the colored piece


this is as close as i can photograph all the colors....

oh well


Aug 18, 2013

To Color This or Not....

she adores spying mushrooms
fruiting from the forest floor


as an ink drawing i am happy at this point
but now
do i color it
or leave it as it is?


Aug 14, 2013

Summer Swim

it has been such a lovely 
and hot summer
perfect for swimming in Montana's beautiful lakes
immediately cooled
to enjoy the heat of the day

this is my first attempt of portraying someone in water
a fun challenge
that will require more practice ;-)


Summer beauty!

Aug 11, 2013


she came to life in sepia shades
they suited her spirit well

I seem to have faces scattered
throughout my cabin
piles and piles

of wee tiny faces

i believe the one above came to life
as i tested black pens in different thicknesses
to see which one i wanted to use

do you have faces piling up in your home?

Aug 4, 2013

Feathers Filled my Week

she could have chosen any sort of hair
hair of spider webs and dew drops
hair of pine cones or leaves
but she

this week i have been drawing feathers
last week painting feathers
i am surprised i am not dreaming of feathers

these sketches were done with a pen
no pencil
i remember when my sketches would have more erasing than drawing ;-)
so it is quite wonderful to sit with a pen
and enjoy the process
and results