Sep 28, 2013


she sat
until the light of the candle's flame 
reminded her of her own light

i came across a sketch i did a while back:

I let it inspire this painting
what the first photo does not show is that there is an iridescent 
gold  aura around the fairy and the candles flame, oh well

thank you for a wonderful month Alaya!


Sep 26, 2013


more than a face, i know
but i must follow the flow

a juggling gal
with a wonderful tail
showed up
that's all i know

Thank you Alaya for hosting 

Sep 25, 2013

Pink Polka Dots

a long long time ago
sent me this piece of muslin that she had prepared for painting 
by painting with ivory acrylic paint and then sanding

i finally used it!
it was a joy to create on!

Thank you Lynne


Sep 23, 2013

A feeling of Familiarity

it is so interesting 
when i create a piece of art 
it looks like someone in my life

something about this reminds me of my dear friend Abigail and her girls

i started this as a loose watercolor painting
then last night i used copic markers to pull it all together
never married those two mediums before
it was fun

Sep 22, 2013

Pen Sketches

pulled out my Pilot Parallel ink pen
it has a wide nib
just sketched freely

funny little characters

Autumn has brought an abundance of Fungi
i am so happy and loving seeing them
drawing them 
photographing them


Sep 20, 2013

D.C.: Maria

our blog friend 
offered the drawing challenge: Maria
a name
in religion: mother and child
dark spots on the moon
the sea is in this word: mar

for some reason i kept thinking of a woman
she holds the entire world and even universe in her heart,
her body
simply in the ability to give birth to life

i felt the spiritual stance of stillness
with love
and acceptance
and this is the drawing that came

i will also share an older piece

a spiritual vision in the form of a woman
above the sea

Thank you Patrice
for being our lovely host!

also sharing with 29 faces

Sep 17, 2013

Sweet Seat

she sat
with her magical star friend

my blog friend Astera has joined 29 Faces
treat yourself to a visit to Astera and her art!

Sep 13, 2013

Flowers and Petals

she threw petals to the earth
to the earth
she will throw petals
and flowers to the earth
until our hearts receive them

sharing with 

Sep 12, 2013

Little Pen sketches

tiny faces
sketched with a pen



I was here:

Montana sure is beautiful as Autumn begins to color the days
and crisp starry nights
(tiny light fleck in the sky is the moon)

Sep 10, 2013


are you gonna share?


so some of the trees got cut out of this.... 
my scanner is not large enough
and it is too dark to photograph

so here is the best glimpse


so it is more than a face
a landscape, fairy, owl, and

Sep 8, 2013

Offering, A Flower

she hides her special gift
to offer
at just the right moment

when she wears her peach aura
she feels held by the universe

faces 8 & 9
sharing with 29 Faces


Sep 6, 2013

Little Cutie

i did this piece after watching one of Micki Wilde's lessons from her class
Paint Happy

Micki is a wonderful teacher who is entirely generous in her lessons, you might want to consider her class.

sharing with 29 Faces
face #7

Sep 3, 2013

Playful Life

simple lines
the joy of life

taking walks
one often finds themselves 
rock hopping
or playful balancing
being amazed at the various colors

and so they end up in some of my drawings

Sep 2, 2013

She walks with Feather

She walks with Feather

this page had gesso on it
(a very smooth Italian Gesso)
then i chose watercolor
a slippery  mix
the watercolor always sits on top of the gessoed surface,
can be moved around over and over 
with a wet brush


Carmen has inspired me to show you all a photo 
of the lake i was sitting at when i sketched the art I shared yesterday:
Lake Bowman, Glacier National Park, Montana

Sep 1, 2013

29 Faces #2

sitting at the edge
of a Montana Lake: Bowman
seeking guidance
it came ....
along with this sketch 


Sharing with Martha's

i know, there are two faces
spiritually, they are one

Whose Footsteps?

from her realm 
she gazed to the one below
and wondered
at those beautiful footsteps

it began like this:

i carved a stamp:

close up for 29 Faces:

sharing face #1

for the month of September
all participants will attempt to post one face a day
for 29 days