Nov 10, 2011

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the swing that hung from the hilltop tree
brought memories of joy

wind on her skin
legs gliding back and forth
to fly higher
yes higher

there was only
the sky
and her 
nothing better

she began the walk up the hill
to greet the swing

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  1. very pretty, she seems to be deep in thought. thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  2. Love the painting with the swing in the background.

  3. Stunning photgraph did you do it?

  4. The words and the painting go together so beautifully. Happy PPF.

  5. Combinar las pinturas y las palabras es todo un arte.
    feliz fin de semana.

  6. The leaf photo is wonderful! Valerie

  7. Anonymous11/11/2011

    Tammie, I will share this on facebook!
    It's wonderful!

  8. ...she's beautiful! ~ may you have a blessed week's end!...(:

  9. She looks so beautiful and mature. :) Good luck with the sale. :)

  10. Anonymous11/11/2011

    she looks like a wise old soul housed in a beautiful lady - like she knows so much. That photo is amazing - what is that on the leaf? I love it.

  11. Beautiful words to go with a wonderful painting :D

    Thank you for your sweet words, the beeswax recipe is on my blog.

  12. Tammie your painting is beautiful and the poem wonderful, makes me remember that swing in my childhood too! The photo is stunning, wow, you have so many different colored rocks, a rockhounds dream!Deb

  13. Yay..such a beautiful post! I love her..and the story to match..she is the color palette and that beautiful mossy green she is wearing..I also love the diffused background..soft and magical! Shine on..fabulous!

  14. Awesome art work and poems ~ and photography ~ wonderful! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF

  15. Hi Tammie, love the painting

  16. Hi Rosie,

    Yes I took the photo of the leaf, that is what i do for a living. My business is called Spirithelpers. Thanks for asking.

    thank you Remei!

    Pointy Pix:

    you asked about the leaf photograph, it is covered in raindrops from the night before. the interesting thing is that the water drops are different colors, quit unusual.

    Deb, you are so right, so many colorful rocks! I love them.

    thank you all for your wonderful visit~

  17. Tammie, she is very pretty and I love that swing. I've been wanting to sit on a swing for the longest of time. It's a great feeling. Great work.

  18. Your new header is beautiful, I was out photographing the moon last night, were you?

    Love the new painting too, I would have spent hours and hours dreaming in that swing.

  19. A beautiful poem to go with a beautiful painting.

  20. LOVE your rendering of the eyes and hair in your portrait! Beautiful and expressive.

    Best of luck with your sale! :)
    I hope you sell everything!!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  21. Beautiful painting, happy PPF, x

  22. Hi Tammie!!!! I love your new painting.....that tree in the background with the swing!!! brilliant......wonderful work and I love the photo!!!

    Happy PPF and come share something sweet with us on my blog tomorrow for Sweet Saturdays!!!

  23. Great words to accompany your beautiful painting.

    A swing image gives such a sense of freedom!

  24. Lovely painting and your photography blows me away! ~Happy Paint Party Friday! #61 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  25. two amazing pieces on show today... love the expression on her face and the photography is just amazing... love them both xx

  26. lovely painting and colours!

  27. The one you painted - so dreamy! And I like the poem! :)

    And wonderful drops on the back of the leaf among the beautiful stones! :)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend Tammie! :)

  28. I think the swing wants to greet her, too! Her eyes have me mesmerized. Such a gorgeous green against all the golden hues. Beautiful!

    Wow, that's an awesome sale! Thanks!

  29. Delicious paint an interesting combination of colors, I love the poem. I wish you a happy weekend.

  30. that photo is absolutely stunning!!!!!!

  31. Hi Tammie
    The photo is great. Beautiful drops of water and colours of stones...
    Happy Weekend, Ev

  32. I've put another cleaning tip on the blog for you today, hehe!

  33. Your poetry matches your picture. I like it. The leaf is amazing. Photography is so fun. Blessings, Janet PPF

  34. Ok.
    Love Love your new header!!! I have missed so much! And this photo is AMAZING!!! I will spread the word for sure! Missed visiting and I will sure try to be by more often, as I see I am missing out on the richness of your words and art far too much!~

    Hugs and smiles

  35. I just came here via Transluscent blue... I am loving discovering your work :)
    will be back
    xo sandra

  36. What a lovely painting! After the weather we've had - I'm contemplating a quiet green spring, too! :) Thank you for such a wonderful sale in your shop! :) Happy weekend!

  37. Beautiful...they are both beautiful!

  38. Such a nostlagic pose. Sweet and elegant.

  39. Beautiful...her eyes are soo mysterious

  40. lovely painting. I love your use of orange which I see a lot, it just reminds me something sunsets.

  41. your art just stuns me every time I look at it...truly beautiful picture.

  42. YOur drawing is amazing--and once again, I am stunned by the beauty of your photography. Sissy and I were looking at some photos she caught of some early fall ice crystals.

    We would say--Oh! That's a "Tammie!" (grin) lol


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