Dec 31, 2014

New Year's Blessings, DC: time

on the threshold
a moment in time
between two years
with heartfelt care
a wish:

may blessings grace your days and nights
may dreams  be met to your delight
may health and perfect wealth be yours
may hearts hold peace and joy
with sacred love 

wishing you and our world
a beautiful 2015

Eric's DC challenge is time
so perfect at turning of a year
when we are aware of the passing of time
an entire year
and considering our next year
Thank you for hosting Eric!

Dec 20, 2014

Winter Solstice 2014

may the magic of the shortest day
cloak of the longest night
touch your heart
inspire your depths 
and may your spirit glow
with candles snow and stars
until each day grows longer by the light of our sun

lovely solstice
summer or winter 
to one and all

this week we had ice crystals
i simply adore them

Dec 12, 2014

Life's Journey

as one journeys through life
across meadows
up mountains
swimming rivers and oceans
through dreams

our hearts become
a  treasure box 
overflowing with a multitude of life's events

last week i had three skin cancer surgeries
on my face
and a few weeks before one on my shoulder
my heart now holds more experiences

i am well and healing
skin cancers removed

when it came to art
this experience was what poured out

sharing with Paint Party Friday

sweet weekend to one and all