Nov 2, 2011

Gorgeous Art From Beth!

I am sharing an artist friend, Beth Niquette with you!
She is a woman of kind, thoughtful, wise, loving spirit. 

Recently she surprised me by making this stunningly wonderful piece of art:
'Lady Montana' 
She writes:
"Montana - I have loved my Friend Tammie's amazing photography--the glorious mountains, beautiful trees, extraordinary macros of tiny ice crystals and the lovely colors of rocks beneath rippling waters. She is Montana to me."
Thank you Beth, this is such an honor. I love this beautiful piece completely!

We have been visiting each others blogs for a couple of years. 
Getting to know one another through our arts and comments. 
She is a treasure to know!

Treat yourself to a visit to her: art blog
She has many blogs all are wonderful, find her links: Beth's Blogs
Beth's: etsy shop

when Beth sent me the above piece there were also a few ATC's I bought from her etsy shop:
they came with a few extra gifts. 
i love using her book marks, they are in cook books, poetry books and more.
every time I come across one i smile and Send Lady Beth light. 

So do treat yourself to a visit to enjoy Beth's art and spirit.

Thank you Beth!

with love,


  1. That is just beautiful! So warm & vibrant, with a very sweet sentiment :)

  2. Anonymous11/02/2011

    It's a great gift ... beautiful ...
    It merges with nature ...
    I love!
    Tammie, all adore you!

  3. beautiful

  4. You have received some lovely work from Beth; enjoy! Valerie

  5. That's some beautiful artwork my friend. Thanks for sharing another artist's talents. You made my night.

  6. Wow..what beautiful artwork you got from her. Thank you for sharing, brought a smile to my face tonight. ^^

  7. ...a beautiful treat! ~ thankyou for the sharing ~ tammie lee! ~ blessed be!...

  8. Both beautiful--the artwork and the friendship!

  9. thank you all for your lovely visit and sweet messages. Beth is entirely talented, generous and a lovely woman. So wonderful to share her with you all!

  10. I have been catching up and enjoying seeing your artwork.
    Beth did a lovely post and mentioned my blog, with the sketches of the mouse I caught in our kitchen.
    She is indeed a kind lady and her pictures look lovely.
    Laughed seeing your wood pile, with all the snow you get I can see why you are collecting and making a huge pile.

  11. What a beautiful tribute, Tammie. You and Beth are so lucky to have found this amazing friendship - it is so beautiful to see.

  12. Lovely, flowing, i feel the verdant greenery!- will visit her sight - thx!

  13. super gorgeous..congrats..and wonderfully inspiring..thanks for the gorgeous links..i am dazzzled!

  14. AAAAAAAAHH! Wow, that is gorgeous! She is absolutely right. You ARE Lady Montana!

  15. What a very nice surprise to get from your friend! :) And the picture she has made is wonderful and harmonic, so colorful and cheerful, just like you are! :)

  16. Oh, my dearest Lady Montana! I didn't see this until today! ((hugs)) You are such a darling. You are.

    And an inspiration to my soul, dear one. Thank you for your wonderful words. ((hugs))


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