Dec 8, 2022



Do you ever need to do something meditative?

Something that brings you present, so that your mind goes nowhere else?

I love things that bring me present. 

Photography, cooking, art all support being present.

These layers of mountains were meditative. 

So thankful to know what medicine to choose, 

a walk in the forest, xc ski through the meadow, focusing on my breathing



Wishing you calm and peace when your spirit needs it.



Sep 13, 2022

She Dreamed


She dreamt of being in our world

even if it was as art on a wall


Recently I saw the Kokanee Salmon Spawning,

swimming against the current:


the water and light danced with the rocks



Aug 26, 2022

Little Gal


hello all, 

I use to draw and paint faces often. 

Decided it would be enjoyable to do a few this week. 

Felt so good to do art. 

This little gal decided to live in our world as art ;-)


lovely day and beyond to you!



Jul 16, 2022

Summer creek

 Sitting along a summer creek
sketching and embellishing upon what I see

a lovely dancer upon a rock
moving to the rhythm of the flowing waters


Apr 9, 2022



I am having fun

trying new techniques and mixing colors

there is something about simple lines

to inspire a feeling of serenity

wishing you a lovely day



Mar 13, 2022

Forest Bathing


Amongst the forest trees her aura began to glow, golden.

Always good to know how to enhance ones aura and vital energy.


I had so much fun designing these trees.
Entirely different from any I had painted before. 
Good chance they will show up in my art again, 
even though they take a bit of time.