Sep 29, 2012

Ancient Story

though young
his eyes tell an ancient story
now that this is on the computer....
i want to change the right eye
funny how it looks different on the screen


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face 29

Sep 28, 2012

face 28

he rose from the page of a book
ready to live life in the outer world
a bit timid
yet full of curiosity
he was born

I had to give Lynne Hoppe's technique another try
it is fun to blend different materials together
thank you Lynne xo

usually watercolors on untreated paper would make the paper wavy
but putting watercolors straight from the tube on top of oil pastels
or even straight on the paper as in his hair and the page of the book remained nice
love that!


streets have organic paths
no straight streets and alleyways
Face 28 of 29 Faces

Sep 27, 2012

Lake Garda, Italia

The colors of Lake Garda constantly change
sometimes a silvery blue
sometimes aqua green
this morning laying beneath cloud cover
i found the lake a mellow brown
one day
the wind stirred the water in a mighty way
waves so large Garda looked like a sea
the mutable nature of water
exquisite to behold
earlier this month:
Lake Garda, Italy

face 27 of 29 Faces

Sep 26, 2012

Faces Tell us Much

tell us much
even if we don't understand
we can feel much about a person 
from their face

catching up with 29 faces
i will not count all these faces.... there are more than enough
face 26

Sep 22, 2012

Autumn Equinox ~

we enter a new season
still magically full of critters
on and on

days are warm
nights are crisp cold
the colors of the world shift and move
like a beautiful dance
the path of summer has mingled with this new season for weeks
today we enter Autumn
wishing you all a season be it Autumn here
Spring there
a season that feels good to you
Happy Equinox!
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face 20

Sep 20, 2012

Earth Angel ~

inspired by my lovely niece Sofia

I quite enjoyed following a tutorial by Lynne Hoppe,

layering art supplies in a way that is new to me

used my fingers to smear crayons and watercolors around
fun fun
i will have to do this again!
Lynne, thank you for sharing your techniques with us!

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She Dreamt of Stars

she dreamt of stars and far off lands
bathed in the light of the sun
her spirit smiled
her breath calmed
as the night danced on and on

face #18
 i actually drew this piece when i was not sleeping well
for me it is calm and lovely
completely opposite of my sleep

Sep 19, 2012

Sumi Ink Drawing

a simple sketch
made with an ink brush
a tad of color

there is something so elogant and yes zen about simple lines
another glimpse of Italy
face 17

Sep 18, 2012

Young Lass

she is a young lass
that came to life
while in Italy
she is part of the land
the trees were inspired by trees i saw there:
face #16 for 29 Faces

Sep 17, 2012

A Cheeky Gal

a cheeky gal
with narrowed eyes
a pleasant look on all of life
wild cherries (?)
these remind me of her hair...
Shutters from Italy:
even the simple details, wonderfully artful
face 15 for 29 Faces

Sep 16, 2012

Another Realm

 he appeared through a veil
from another realm
to deliver a message for her spirit only
with silent lips
his arms and hands delivered a vitality of sweet import

 I am still sharing images of the beauty i found in Italy,
i hope you are enjoying seeing glimpses of a artful country.

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my 14th face for 29 Faces


Sep 15, 2012

Red Hair Emerald Eyes

faces are a joy to create
soothing to create
interesting to create
her face is made with colored pencils
hair with watercolors

today i drove north and saw the Kokanee Salmon swimming upstream
beautiful red orange amongst the rocks and water
light and sunshine
 such a delight!

joining: 29 Faces
* face #13  of 29

Sep 14, 2012

Greeting in the form of a Bow

when one bows to a lady
a previously unseen doorway may open 

enjoying practicing drawing bodies
along with faces

also, notice that art from behind these pages shows through
not happy with this journal ;-(

Sep 13, 2012

Nine Faces Emerge

opening to the hidden faces
rising from the textured background of these pages
i feel intrigue
a bit of surprise
included is delight


if you read my last post:
i took a Moleskine Art Journal to Italy
was greatly disappointed in the quality of the pages
yet the pages i had prepared with gesso
held up fine to water techniques, like the one above

also I am sharing two frescoes I photographed in Italy:


Joining 29 faces late
creating art was abundant while in Italy
so i have lots to share

the top piece has 9 faces
the post before; one
so in joining i share ten faces ....

I found that nine faces.... took quite some time to create
Lovely Thursday and beyond to you~

Sep 5, 2012

Ciao from Italy~

I am visiting my sister and family in Italia

I love the frescoes on the buildings!

 I also love making art with my niece Sofia
maybe she will let me share her art in another post ~

for now I will share the art I find on buildings here

the painting at the top of this post.... I did in a Moleskine journal
I use to LOVE Moleskine Sketch journals
I hear: the Italian's sold the company to China,
though the paper looks similar, it is garbage! 
Any wet art supply and it warps like a wave in a storm. 
I will not buy another journal from them unless the makers improve the paper!
I simply wanted to share with you my experience with the paper.

Ciao my lovely art friends

face one for 29 faces