Jul 28, 2011

Kin with Deer

she dreamt a deer was always near

I watched

Jul 16, 2011

Crowned in Pink

lady crowned in pink
was a fun experience
I learned a new way of painting from Adriana Almanza
I am taking her "Doll Dreams" class
we use two paint brushes
one to put on the color
the other to blend it around
not easy, but layer after layer and I began to get a bit of a feeling for painting this way

so fun to learn new techniques!

I have been on the road
wandering in the Rocky Mountains in Montana and Alberta Canada
summer is a beauty!

This was taken in Many Glacier, Montana
Glacier National Park


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Jul 2, 2011

Big Eyed Gal for Sunday Sketches

her eyes beckoned
I leaned in to understand the feeling that permeated
and flowed from those eyes
a feeling so large
that I might succumb 
and be lost eternally to the depths of her view
her essence
my only choice was to step close
as though sliding into a warm pool of aqua water
immersing my soul in her fluid spirit

This is my first big eyed girl, 
I was concerned that I would ruin all the pencil work I had done by adding the eye lashes,
I was so happy that they turned out just fine!
I suppose practice will help me to feel more confident.

I forgot to take a photo while the above art was still a sketch
so that you get an idea
here is another big eyed girl sketch, this is how she began:

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Jul 1, 2011

Centaur Woman for PPF

we love the human race
you and you and you
we treasure every step you take
you and you and you
we know that every move you make
builds upon your path
whether challenging or full of grace
it's how your heart rises to embrace
we watch and trust

you and you and you

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