Oct 1, 2011

Mystic Faery

when one meets
a mystic faery
sitting on an autumn toadstool
one steps from the mundane realm
enlivened by rarefied potential
even air is mystical
nurishing the realm of living
be so lucky
when yea wander
to come upon
this treasured creature

this is where mystic faery came to me

sitting in this wooden chair
enjoying autumn's warm glory
yea, no biting bugs!


the sketch:

I shared two different views above, it is a bit sparkly and I could not portray it accurately,
it is somewhat like the first two photographs.

enjoy sketches from wonderful artists at Sophia's

Sending you light Sophia
today and always


  1. She is just magical Tammie! What a lovely spot you have there! I can just picture you sitting there, filled with peace and inspiration. I love how this turned out!

    Hugs and smiles and thanks for your kind words always!


  2. Hello Julia,
    thank you for enjoying her!
    yes I love it here. I thought of driving somewhere and then realized my yard is divine and the weather is perfect. Ah!
    Thank you also for your lovely friendship.

  3. So beautiful, Tammie! Her eyes jump right out at me! Thank you so much for the kind post on my blog. xoxo

  4. Anonymous10/01/2011

    I found a fairy sitting on a mushroom in autumn, you, my friend.
    Thanks, beautiful!

  5. She is beautiful! Valerie

  6. What a wonderful place to sit and have her come to you. A beautiful mystic feary from other worldly realm.
    Much love

  7. She is gorgeosu! I love her eyes. And I can see the sparkle on the first photo. :)

  8. If I had a little haven like that, it would be very hard for me to leave it!
    And I can see here there waiting for you to bring her out--beautiful!

  9. I must say that she has very mystical eyes! So pretty! :D

  10. again and always...

    love it

  11. Wowwwww just breathtaking. Especially up close. I love all the color you chose and the sweetness of her face.

    Also: Re: Your comment on my blog--thank you. You know I actually did reach out to Urban Outfitters' blog people to see if they wanted any illustrations of the clothes. But so far they didn't bite! :-p

  12. Delicious fall colors. I like this fairy mysticism.

  13. A fairy goddess! Beautiful :)

  14. She is full of Autumn magic....I love her wings!
    I feel inspired to do a bit of handiwork after seeing the lovely cuff you made.
    Always a delight to visit you....

  15. It is no wonder you saw this lovely autumn fairy while sitting out here. I can feel the cool air lifting your mind onto a sun beam so you could easily slide into her world

  16. That chair and that place is ideal to draw inspiration.

  17. Tammy thank you so much, wow, what a powerful message! :) Sending a huge smile back!

  18. She really is magical, Tammie ... I can see how she slipped onto your sketchbook with such ease in such a magical place!!!

  19. So fantastic! Clear beautiful eyes, the soft colors and the gold color in the background. I also like the violet.. :)

  20. Ah, she is so beautiful Tammie! Such gorgeous autumnal colours too. (I think it is time for you to approach a publisher with your portfolio!)

  21. Oh Tammie! She is exceedingly lovely! Her face is otherworldly, and I adore the color palette you used! Thank you for sharing her with us!

  22. She is beautiful, soft and flowing! And your little spot to draw - it is perfect, i should think i would curl up there often if it were nearby! Thank you for your kind words on our site. Hopefully we do joy and happiness with the same gusto :-)

  23. she is so serene.....

  24. Yay..how i LOVE your mystic fairy and the place she inspired you..how magical! I would totally hang out with here..she is divine..and her spiral hair and chakra energies are fabulous! she rocks! Love her! Yay..this added such a sparkle to my day!
    Beautiful my friend!

  25. Oh, Tammie--I love your story about the mystical faery--how she slipped into your sketchbook.

    I often meet such creatures in my backyard garden. I think they come there to get away from the city. A sort of oasis. (Grin)

    Isn't it lovely to have such fabulous imaginations?! ((hugs)) You are very special, my dear Friend.

  26. I love the sweetness of her face here and I always enjoy seeing the process of any creation. Love your lines and colour use...beeeautiful!


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