Jun 24, 2012

Depth of Quiet

the depth of quiet

so interesting to draw/paint her
as above, a meditative expression


then to lay her this way:

she slept amongst the flowers
feeling the soil as her flesh
resting in the embrace of eternity
nourished in stillness sublime

Lovely and generous heart-ed Remei
has honored me with a video of my art!
Such an amazing surprise!
I had so many feelings as I watched the film on 

with all my heart I thank you Remei


The winner of the acrylic ink, 
Debra Anne
has a lovely post about the receiving of her gift on her blog:
The Gipsy in the Parlour

treat yourself to the wonderful world she shares with us!


Jun 21, 2012

Salmony Peaches

she welcomes Summer with all her heart
leaning into the new season with celebration
and the desire to meld and learn
dance and fly
rest and soar

a summer wildflower for you:

Queen's Cup

Enjoy a visit to PPF!

Jun 15, 2012

The Winner Is:

she looked at her palms
reading the story of all time
past present and future
turning the pages with her heart
offering light to the tale with her eyes
lending wisdom to all life
a playful dance for all to find

i have been finding wonderful mushrooms
even up in the trees
the squirrel folk have been busy

the winner of the shimmering blue acrylic ink
the wonderful
Debra Anne of The Gipsy in the Parlour!
on my Nature Photography Blog:

I am having a wonderful Give Away!
a $50 gift certificate 
from Novica, who is affiliated with National Geographic
They are a wonderful company who support artists around the world by selling their beautiful arts. 

So, feel free to visit and leave a comment on that post
sharing with Sunday Sketches
visit to enjoy!

Jun 9, 2012

Thank You Jerry's Artarama!

this face is larger than life at 10x13 inches 
so many layers of pencil and watersoluable markers

the true color is between the top and bottom image

she is most certainly of the Fae family

Recently there was a giveaway from Artful Gathering
I won the first prize!!!
$200 gift certificate for art supplies from Jerry's Artarama!

I am thrilled with my good fortuane!

I offer a big heartfelt thank you to Artful Gathering and to Jerry's Artarama!


the funny thing is that I ordered an ink that i already have ~ oops

first thought: I will give it to one of my blog friends!

So if you think you would enjoy using Daler Rowney shimmering blue acrylic ink,
(a white with shimmering blue to it)
say "ink please" in your comment 
then i will include you in the giveaway
 Friday 15th!


Jun 5, 2012


it is not by her ears or wings that we know
it is in her spirit that tells us
she is of another realm

this piece has been quite hard to photograph accurately
the eye detail above is a little darker than the original 
the other two pieces are a bit lighter

and layers
of pencil and markets
were used to create her face
this is a fairly large piece 
with hair 10"x22"