Dec 21, 2013

Solstice Fae

for you and me
all the creatures large and small

on the longest night
the shortest day
she appeared from the winter forest
with a garland of candles as her crown
to light the way

for you and me
all the creatures large and small

more and more light
each day

welcoming the light

beautiful Solstice to you!


Dec 19, 2013

Baby Booties

lovely and talented friend Janice

made my grandson Jayce these magically fun booties!!!

I was entirely surprised when they arrived in the mail. 
Had to wait to show you until they were given to Jayce, it's a surprise you know ;-)

complete surprise and joy 
over Jayce's first Christmas present!

she made me a beautiful snowflake
it dances above my desk:

Janice is kindhearted, talented, thoughtful and a beautiful woman. 
Thank you so very much Janice!


Dec 13, 2013

Winter Fairy and DC Challenge

The winter fairy showed up in my painting

and rightly so!

winter has arrived in our neck of the woods
it is here for the season!

I am jointing Tiny Woolf
and other artists for the drawing theme: Garland

I looked around my wee cabin,
found every window cloaked as a garland

totem art

trinkets of beauty
do you see the snowy realm outside of the windows
like marshmallow cream, everywhere!

thank you for being our wonderful host 
Nadine of Tiny Woolf!

to see more snowflakes
visit my photography blog: Spirithelpers 
lovely holidays to you!

Dec 6, 2013

DC: Swanlights

is hosting this weekends Drawing Challenge
using the inspiration Swanlights

the above painting is a sketch i created on a plane in October
never got around to completing it

this music felt a bit melancholy to me
perfect for the raindrops and tears


this week, Ron the mail man
brought me an envelope from Barbara Bee
all the way from Germany

i was one of the lucky winners of her giveaway
Thank you Barbara!
Thank you for being our wonderful host Stephanie!

Dec 4, 2013

Recent Art

I have not been creating as much art lately
i miss it

these are evening sketches
5.5x8.5 inches

in October I stayed at a dear Friend's home
her sweet little dog was a lovely companion
and this is an artistic take on her back yard
what a view!


last night's sunset: