Apr 30, 2011


kinship with life
a quiet art

walking earth as solid ground
wild companions all around
wind and tree point the way
to a listening heart
that does not sway


still smitten with ink and brush:

This piece came from a guided meditation with Goddess Leonie
from 21 Secrets.

I listened to Leonie's half hour meditation
lying in a meadow, climbing a mountain, conversing with my wise elder self.

Her theme being: You are beautiful just as you are!

These are the animals that were with me on my journey.
I sat with the idea of making a journal page, this is what came to me,
to make my very own totem pole.
It was challenging to sketch animals and learn to paint them, yet quite satisfying to complete.

 Goddess Leonie radiates the essence of us being beautiful just as we are,
which assists to experience the truth of what she shares.


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Apr 28, 2011

3 Versions of: Sphere

hello lovely friends
when i made this initial sketch
i had a hard time deciding how to complete it
for the experience I did three versions

the top version is watercolors

 the one below is prismacolor pencils and the third (bottom) 
piece was done with sumi ink with a watercolor brush

to look within
to listen with heart
brings us present
to the magical arts 

do you like one more than another?
I would love to hear which one and why. 
I ask simply for fun, to get to see through your eyes. 
I know we all have different taste, 
I would love to broaden my perception through you. 


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Apr 24, 2011


to look within
to listen with heart
brings us present
to the magical arts

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still loving sketching with sumi ink and watercolor brush!

Apr 21, 2011

Goddess Spring

goddess spring has shown her face
yet dances still with winters grace
snow does fall most days this week
flowers exist as sprouts
not even leaves
still lady spring
will persist
and sprinkle flowers in our midst
so faith I have that snow will grow
a green green summer
with a wonderful flower show

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Apr 17, 2011

5 Braids

into the distant horizon
in the breath of the moment
the depth of endless potential
the woven textures of life


desire to draw a braid rose
it was a hard puzzle to figure out
if only i looked in the mirror at mine!

5 Braids is a sumi ink sketch

there is something freeing about each line being what it is
no erasing and refining

in this moment, my world
Spring Snow:

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Apr 14, 2011

Angel Blue

look into my eyes
feel into your heart
planted there is all you need
for every moment that you breathe

i want to share
that as i drew
then painted angel blue
i felt like she was telling me things:
to have courage to honor my dreams
to fly with my highest truth
to find my courage and let it guide each breath
she holds a unwavering gaze
penetrating until we hear what she has to say

perhaps she has a message for you?

do your paintings have spirits
that speak to you?


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Apr 10, 2011

Butterflies Sing

listening to the butterflies sing

taking 21 Sectets
joined Tam of Willowings workshop

she had us make a colloage

then we layered
it is journaling
we wrote a piece under the collage

since mine is celebratory of our season I will share it:

Opening to Spring

waking from the depths of winter
yawning stretching
blinking lashes
more light
more life
song of birds fills a once hushed world
opening to the birthing abundance of new life
spirit within begins the dance
with a new season
a time to bud bloom and flourish
mating season of life
into the light

Apr 7, 2011

Crowned in Lime

she stood out from the rest 
a shapely beauty crowned in lime
she walked tall and languid
meeting life with her heart
for she knew the treasure
of life
met with an intimate stance

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Apr 3, 2011

Butterfly Girl

her wings
made of energy
only some could see
a quiet flighty one
full of dreams yet to be
if you sense into her heart
you'll find a spiral dance
you'll sense her wings of dancing light
a bit like a butterfly's stance

oh! her face is so pink in this scan, her face is more light peach
and her top and hair a gray, oh well.

I have begun taking 21 Secrets
began with Jane Davenport's class
she asked to show her our 'doodle'
you know, what ever little thing that we have been sketching throughout life

well I have been sketching little energy spheres like in the wings above forever
do you have a doodle?
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