Nov 28, 2010

St. Armand Watercolor Paper

5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

An envelope arrived in the mail yesterday.
Perhaps you all know Lynne Hoppe through her art blog?
If not I recommend that you stop by and enjoy her wonderful world of art!

Well ms. Lynne sent me two pieces of St. Armand watercolor paper. 
She tells me it is made from t-shirt remnants. 
I am brand new to watercolors
and also drawing a face from the side, so be gentle with me.

Lynne, thank you for this wonderful gift!

It was super fun to try a new paper. 
With the second sheet I will try watercolors with a brush, not the pencils, to experience
the difference.

 first the sketch:

then the watercolor pencils:

followed with a wet brush:

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Nov 21, 2010

Deer Child~ *

deer lady
of the forest
apprentice of the wild and native
taught by rain
wind and snow
walks with atmosphere of all
bear and deer
earth and flora
precious path is yours


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Nov 16, 2010

Embrace on Wings of Light ~

life in a world
of endless thoughts
things to learn
to do

mixed with our deep nature
of energetic spheres
of light
golden wisdom

a daily affair
to embrace with our utmost

 Sunday, I watched and followed a free tutorial from Tam at Willowing,
called; Art, heart and healing. 
You can do it too. 
I had SO much FUN. 
I have had watercolor crayons for at least 15 years and did not know what to do with them.
She taught us to create a face with pencil, much as I always do, 
then to lightly color the face with crayons and use a wet brush to make it turn to paint. 
She moved at a fast pace and I tried to keep up. 
It was fun fun fun to go fast and loose and see the face appear. 

We were guided to put words on it, 
I still can not find peace with mixing words on my art, they look tacky to my sense of harmony, 
so I covered them up. 
This is how it looked at one stage:

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Wishing you a lovely week~

Nov 7, 2010

Earth Angel

earth angels mingle in the flesh of our land
permeating the soil with a spirit
in which we find clan
hovering as well in our auras to embed
a reminder that we too are one with the land

 initial sketch:


This week I am celebrating the opening of my new Etsy Shop, Beauty Flows

When I lived in Santa Barbara California, I made jewelry for 24 years. 
Now I am offering for sale that line of jewelry as well as greeting cards of the art you have seen on this blog.

jewelry is made of tiny glass seed beads
gemstones and freshwater pearls

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