Feb 26, 2020

Watercolor Chart

I used 3 tubes of paint
one yellow
one red
one blue
all Daniel Smith

I taped down cheap washi tape from the dollar store
(use good tape! It kept peeling off)
the squares are about 3/4" with thin tape between

I labeled my colors along the top 
one side
next began mixing colors

then the color mixing began
painting in the squares

Above is the finished piece before I peeled the tape off.

It might have taken a couple of hours.

I find the amount of colors
144 amazingly beautiful 
thrilling to consider they came from three
primary colors!

Now I have a chart to choose colors from
as well
an idea as to how to make them again>

Thank you The Watercolour Academy for showing me how to go 
about this!

(Emma offers these lessons free!)

Feb 1, 2020

Dreaming of Spring

this is what showed up while sketching
I wondered..... what is going on here

a snowshoe hare turn white in winter 
browns the rest of the year

a winter rabbit in a spring/summer setting?

I believe this hare is dreaming of spring

today we are half way through winter
the days are noticeably longer
the birds stay out and busy a bit longer in the day

Life is full of changes

this is how it was before I painted it
Lovely Imbolc to one and all