Jan 28, 2013

Gazing Heavenward

inner peace

i have been taking Jane Davenport's 
artini class: Expressions 
this is from the lesson: upturned face
i will have to practice noses from this angle!


Jan 25, 2013


she sat
her trusted friend
as he napped and dreamed
of her

their link was such
that escort he would
where ever her heart 
yearned to go

lovely Sunday Sketches to you

Jan 22, 2013

Winter Coat

two nights ago
i woke and had the image of a full winter cloak
in my minds eye

the one above is an ink drawing
no sketch
a fairly fast piece
so freeing.....

neither of the coats in these two pieces look like the one from my sleepy state
i may have to bring it to life yet


Jan 18, 2013

Winged Friends

everyone knows that fairies love 
to hitch rides on the backs of their
feathered friends 
even though 
they have wings of their own

inked sketch in Stillman and Birn journal
loving this paper
which is
truly a joy with watercolors and ink pen


Jan 14, 2013

Spirit of a Flower

like rose petals
her skin was toned
milky pinks
sweet lavenders
eyes with depth
spirit of a flower

i have a art journal i made
fairly large pages
it is my large face book
i like doing large faces sometimes
simply to explore lots and lots of detail

Jan 6, 2013

Spirit of Bear and Woman

she walked this world
melded with seasons
her ways were natural
spirit and flesh of bear and woman 

last year i had the honor of photographing
a grizzly bear in our neighborhood:

such wonderful markings under it's eyes
such a beautiful fur coat
such long nails!

 I made this piece on Yupo paper
it is synthetic and slippery

i started with alcohol markers but was not pleased and switched to watercolors,
layer after layer of paint


Jan 3, 2013

Stillman & Birn Art Journal

recently i received a sketchbook make by Stillman and Birn

I Love it!

it is 7x7 inches wirebound
the paper is gorgeous at 180 lb.
and does great with watercolors!

I have been disappointed with many art papers for not holding up to wet paint,
but NOT this journal!

Thank you Stillman & Birn for your gorgeous art paper!
I look forward to trying your other journals.

this little fairy finds joy in sprinkling love upon our land
sharing with PPF
& Clytie's beautiful heart
Lovely New year to one and all!