Nov 26, 2013

Carved Stamp

i have been carving stamps here and there
hoping to use them on fabric, as well as occasionally in my art

do you have any suggestions for printing with stamps on fabric?
the best ink or paint?
how to make it permanent?

Nov 17, 2013

Inner Realm

visiting her inner realm
eternal spring of life

(looks like i have a very dirty scanner!)

pastel forest
a lovely place to wander

I had the pleasure of staying at my friends home:
loved the sound of snow crashing off his roof

we have been getting snow a few times a week
it melts away.....
still not here to stay

Nov 13, 2013

Perhaps an Angel

through the veils of night
it's stars
and beyond
she beheld the realm of earth
her heart resisted leaning towards
nor away
so much 
the earthlings still have to learn

Nov 8, 2013

D.C. Tattoo

years and years ago
in a night's dream
someone said: let me touch up your tattoo
i said: what tattoo?
she pointed to my torso
i lifted my top to find flowers and leaves
much like the painting above
they were alive and moving as well!
I loved it

funny thing is, that i have never wanted a tattoo
perhaps all my freckles 
are enough body art for me 

This weeks Drawing Challenge is hosted by:
visit her wonderful blog 
to join all the artists being inspired by: Tattoo 

we have snow!
snowflakes one night:

Lovely weekend to one and all!

Nov 3, 2013

Tilt to Listen, Tilt to Receive

whenever i create a woman with her head tilted to the side
i think of my friends pup, Lucy:

she has snow on her nose in this photo

I created this sketch while flying a couple weeks ago
it took so many layers of paint until i was happy with it

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