Dec 4, 2010

Star Princess and Her Pinnacles ~

of her crown
inspired her awareness
to the heavens
her thoughts
making the world
exquisite freedom

4"x5" St. Armand Watercolor Paper

I have not done much tiny art, 4x5 seems tiny to me. 
I enjoyed it very much and I can see that I will do more!
This paper is a bit fragile and inspires lines to be accurate the first time
as erasing wears away at the surface.
This is very good for attention and presence with each stroke of the pencil.
Good practice for a person who uses erasers QUITE freely, such as myself. Ha

Lynne, dear lady,
again I thank you for this lovely paper!

Yesterday, I received a wonderful drawing by the talented and lovely hearted
Amalia K. She was raising money for the people of her country
who suffered in a horrible earthquake and then tsunami.
I was fortunate to purchase her amazing art,

Sow Your Own Light

You will be pleased if you visit Amalia's blog, enjoying her depth of sharing and gorgeous and creative art!

Visit her at Translucent Blue
Art Memoirs


to enjoy poetry by other poets, 
for the prompt: free(dom)



  1. I like it so much! Your paintings are filled with a joy I cannot pronounce with my words.. It makes me feel like wanting to draw.. I've already started a little.. :) You inspire me, that's for sure!

    Have a nice weekend, Sunday night we are going to lighten the second advent candle.. :)

    Peace and joy to you from me! :)

  2. You are a dear Viola.

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I feel happiness to hear you are inspired and have begun drawing. Practice is everything. I just began this past March and if you read through my posts you can find where I found lessons and inspiration. You can go to YouTube and find tutorials on so many ways to draw. I wish you a grand time! Peace and joy to you too!


  3. Super beautiful Tammie..she is an enchanting and whimsical spirit..what a gentle beauty! Cool links! thanks!

  4. Oh Kiki, does this mean you might join OSI with your poetry some day? I would love that. It is a supportive group of people.


  5. Lovely, how the delicate texture of the paper complements the delicate colors you used; also, I like how the the star is echoed in her necklace and in the jagged fringe of her bangs. Beautiful, Tammie!

  6. Oh, I enjoyed this.

    My daughter has become interested in drawing and in watercolors, thanks to an inspired artist and capable teacher. Your thoughts touch me from the perspective of a mom watching an artist blossom as well as a reader who respects art as a gift from the soul.... Thank you.

  7. Wow Tammie, exquisite works of art...

    i am envious at your talent, I can't even sketch a simple art, my dog would turn into a cow...ha ha ha

    i would ruin a beautiful portrait or subject if i try...won't do attempt, try Tammie...i will just be of praise over ur beautiful works!

  8. This is baeutiful and gives happiness.. nice work Tammie..Exquisitively free! Wow!

  9. "making the world
    exquisite freedom"

    Beautiful drawing and poem complementing it. Thank you.

  10. What a dreamy lady! She is far, far away in her thoughts and obviously this brings her peace...
    Yes, Amalia is an amazing artist and more people should know her art!! Her way to help the suffering people in Indonesia deserves admiration, but you deserve it, too for helping her!

  11. I loved your words, and your painting is so lovely! You inspire me to continue with my painting, too.

  12. Enchanting works, painted with the touch of an artist who speaks through her pallette

  13. wow! my personal favorite would be the tired, i love the curls, the way it intricate and artistic

  14. Anonymous12/05/2010

    Impressive the amount of peacefulness your art is filled with !

    Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

    daily athens

  15. Your poem is wonderful--I'm so pleased we have poetic freedom. Your artwork is beautiful!

  16. Dear Tammy,
    Your drawings reach out and touch me.
    Each one seems to be a strong woman.
    Do you have a Cowgirl just itchn' to come out?
    Love your ladies,

  17. Anonymous12/05/2010

    that is creative.
    masterful writing, cute art..
    keep it up....

  18. Enchanting painting! You always project such a sense of serenity in our art. Thanks for introducing Amalia - her art is wonderful! Theresa

  19. Very pretty and you have retained the freshness of the watercolor.

  20. I agree...filled with joy and always full of peace.

    Thank you for your lovely visit yesterday (or was it saturday?). Missed Sunday sketches this week and last, just been so busy lately.

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season and keeping nice and toasty in your little cabin ~ I love the picture of it nestled in the woods, covered in snow...I want to live there!



  21. yet again you have that beautiful paper, paper to covet and I have a thought that perhaps you are a frustrated stylist, you adorn these so wonderfully.

  22. her face is quite lovely.

    and i myself erase a lot and perhaps a bit too much. I might try the 4x5 or some small size. somehow, small paper seems to be much easier somehow

    I'm a fan of translucent blue as well, her art is amazing

  23. your drawing is very nice. i wish i could draw better than i do because i erase quite a lot myself. you purchased a beautiful piece of artwork too. happy drawing~

    have a great night.

  24. It amazes me how some artists can draw so small, but I'm trying to mine bigger at the moment! Amalia's picture is beautiful and I love your gentle painting too, she has a wonderful expression on her face. :) xx

  25. You've captured this prompt beautifully!

  26. Very nice poem, I especially liked "her thoughts evolved making her lyrical". Such a nice image. Thank you.

  27. Hi, sweet Friend! I just love your watercolors!!! This one is no exception!

    I'm not surprised you knew something was up. It is too long a story, except to say I desperately needed an inhaler to stay alive--because of congress's decision my insurance changed, so we could no longer afford the meds. I was having such a hard time breathing.

    Anyhow, my doctor heard about it and gave me samples enough to make it while I fight the Insurance company and our government.

    Because my policy is an individual one, I no longer have 1/2 price on my medications, I have to spend $500 before I get half off--and then this year I am liable for two $500 deductibles! NOT FAIR.

    But at least I can breathe now! ((hugs)) Thanks for your sensitivity, sweet Friend!

  28. Hello, delighted to meet you, this is the first chance I've had to visit your little cabin in the woods. It must be a bit CHILLY right about now, But how wonderfully cozy and art inspiring to sit by a cabin fire with your new watercolor paper and a lot of imagination. I too, use a lot of erasers, I LOVE erasers!
    The embroidery above is delicately beautiful, I assume it is yours?

  29. serene and beautiful. Your paintings and poem tie together and remind me to slow my mind down and observe and listen. You have a talent for inspiration.

  30. Oh, Tammie, she is dainty and beautiful! As always, I always admire how you render such soft shading in the face. And her lips are gorgeous. I had no idea this was so tiny until I saw it next to your brush.

    I am constantly, constantly erasing! Would the kneadable eraser be more gentle on this paper?

  31. Hello Bella,

    Thank you for your lovely visits and comments!
    I have used my two pieces of paper. I will have to buy more, then I will try the kneadable eraser.... it might be better. I painted with watercolors here, more than the pencil and crayon technique of the previous post, that is more gentle. But i must say I liked the experience of the previous piece more. But it is all a trail and error for me at this point. I have barely any experience painting!

    Let me know if you play with this paper.


  32. lovely harika blog beatiful.tammie beatiful.thank you.kısses


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