May 8, 2010

Mica of the Butterfly Clan

For 6 weeks I have enjoyed sharing a drawing for Sunday Sketches.
The support, encouragement, new friendships
are wonderful!
I have had some wonderful correspondence about what I have shared being more
a drawing than a sketch.
Being new at drawing I pondered why I was finding sketching
more intimidating than a drawing. 
I was able to draw, meaning lots of pencil work and LOTS of erasing,
eventually I could form something that I enjoyed seeing. 
A sketch to me felt like a wonderful expression,
with few lines, that presented an idea, leaning towards something complete.
Very intimidating. 
I had the thought that some sketches are like a haiku poem
perfect with in a few simple lines. 

Last week an idea presented itself,
a clan of beings with ears like butterflies.....
the sketch:

I could not stop with the sketch.
Introducing Mica of the Butterfly Clan.
Since he is of the Butterfly Clan, it is my sense that there will be more drawings of clan members and most likely a story to go along (eventually).

Please visit Sophia's blog to find a list of people who are sharing their 

wishing you a lovely weekend,
Happy Mother's Day~



  1. Gorgeous,beautifully inspiring as always! Butterfly spirits, people/tribes/ clans..are magical and powerful....thankyou for this magnifinet sharing! Wonderful Creation! you are so tuned into the spiritual and energetic realms of the magical worlds!.! yay!

  2. hello Kiki~
    thank you for your enthusiastic response! xx

  3. Tammie !!! Mica of the Butterfly Clan !!! A resounding "YES" to everything that Kiki said !!! I adore Mica and the exquisite worlds to which you are a tribal member.

  4. dearest Shayna,

    Your comment is so sweet and enthusiastic. Thank you.I feel as though I have opened myself to Mica's spirit and he came through. It is all quite subtle, still he showed up on paper. So fun! xo

  5. Tammie, this is gorgeous! fantastic! Can you hear me madly cheering from there? Huzzahs, hurrays, great applause, many hugs!

  6. Anne, you have me laughing out loud with joy, joy that I have a friend in you. Your support goes a long way! xox

  7. Hi Tammie,
    Your blog is so different and unique...I am loving it!
    You have so many talents.
    I'll come back again and again :)
    if you want, you can visit my other blog:
    Bye my dear,

  8. thanks for your visit, hugs paty

  9. A truly wonderful sketch Tammie. I love the aboriginal feel with the dots. The butterfly wings for wars is beautiful. It works very well. xJ

  10. ~i can hardly wait to see the rest of this uniquely magical butterfly clan and read the story that shall go along...l♥♥♥ve...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  11. Happy Mother's Day Tammie...
    My #1 daughter is a member of the Butterfly Clan and so am fact I have a small tattoo on my shoulder of a butterfly that I got a hundred years's very faded so my daughters 1 & 2 have bought me a new tattoo for Mother's Day..I'll get it next Saturday...I'm excited...up with Butterflies!!
    hug, hug

  12. Hi Tammie. Happy Mother's Day. I am a big fan of dot work in art, so I love the use of that in this piece. I really like the idea of butterflies and how you used it here. This is great! Profiles are so hard for me, but you nailed this one.

    Love it! Can't wait to hear the story that goes with...


  13. wow!!!faboulous painting!!!

  14. This is such an interesting piece -can't wait to see and read more...

  15. Tammie,

    Mica of the Butterfly Clan is amazing!

    He is so creative and I love the dot part of your sketch. I tried doing a dot drawing my earlier post this week. Very interesting effects!

    I m very excited to see more clans and tribes people!

  16. The sketch is wonderful, He is definitely the hero - I love the strong jawline, the use of color and the technique with which you colored him, looking forward to the story.

  17. OOOOOHHH! Your imagination has been liberated! Wowie, love the details -- his antennae, and the shiny patch on his head. He must definitely have an interesting story somewhere.

    Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!

  18. Strong features - and i like how the stars soften the picture, making the strength, human and positive. I look forward to the story. Your use of dotting reminds me of a favorite piece i did many years ago in grade 12, using nothing but many coloured dots - forgot about that fabulous effect, I'll have to do that with my family (put it on the want to do list - many miles long :-)

  19. I love how you incorporated your idea that you had. It turned out fantastic! Very inspiring, indeed.

    Happy Sunday!!

  20. Tammie - This is really a neat drawing. The wings are wonderful! have a great day - Heather

  21. what a wonderful creature he is!
    love your continued, blossoming artful expressions Tammie!! Beauty flows....
    love & hugs,

  22. cool! he's like some mystical creature perhaps with mind powers?

  23. the wings for ears in so creative! Love this one tammie!

  24. Tammie, how beautiful to see this other dimension to your creativity! Thank you so much for your invitation to join Sunday Sketches. you know I love sketches : )
    Things are getting a bit busy for me here now, but I would like to check it out soon. sounds so fun!

  25. Anonymous5/11/2010

    Ohhhh yes, me like your blog & your creativity!!

    Thank's for nice comment on my blog!


  26. oh heavens!!! what a fun and wonderful piece...the details and colours look fantastic!!!

    Great work!!!

  27. I've never had any reason to think about the difference between a drawing and a sketch but your thoughts on what makes a sketch a sketch seem to sum it up perfectly. I also see the similarity to haiku. But then it occurs to me that we all have strengths; and that perhaps a sketch that, as you so clearly describe, presents an idea so perfectly with just a few lines, is one sort of skill that is different from the skill of beautiful detailed drawing. Anyway, just to say am very pleased to meet Mica of the Butterfly Clan and look forward to meeting some of his compatriots at a later date!

  28. Anonymous5/11/2010

    I love your colour drawing of this being. I believe you have tapped into beings that live somewhere else in this vast universe, how else could you dream up so much detail, especially with the third eye projecting out like that? I believe they are communicating to you on many levels. I look forward to meeting more of the clan!

  29. tammie, this is so lovely!! you had me totally fooled - here you are someone who draws brilliantly!


  30. Hi Tammie !!You are a wonderful artist !!I really enjoyed your work !Great..Unseen Rajasthan

  31. Tammie...this is a wonderful blog too!


  32. Tammie, I'm so glade I found this (second) beautiful blog of yours! You are so talented! Have a great sunday.Love//Eva

  33. I adore the colors you chose, and the texturing you put to this wonderful piece.

    You truly are a natural, my talented friend!


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