Apr 30, 2010

Beaded Bracelet, Spring Colors

Years ago I began beading this bracelet. 
To this day the colors thrill me. 

Have you ever thought about colors, 
how they move you, 
how they inspire you, 
how they sooth
or excite you?

I consider jewelry
of clothing
to be medicinal.

They support and inspire,
heal and nurture. 

Not just an adornment for the sake of decoration.
I am so happy that tonight I finished this piece
and can wear it!
I love the little dolphin clasps too~

Many of my artful friends took a peak at Anne's blog:
that I shared in my last post.
I decided to support her blog and explore the experience of doing a self portrait. 
If you would like to visit that post, please visit: Unconventional Beauties.
You may even like to join us with a post of your own. 
Who knows what gifts will be revealed in the process. 


  1. hai, nice blog,thk for sharing
    wish all the best to u ^-^

  2. It is a beautiful bracelet Tammie. You have a wonderful weekend xJ

  3. Lovely Tammie...what a gorgeous creation! I make my own medicinal gem and symbolic jewlery too! yes me too..color vibratons carry so much magic and energy..and so much more potent when we make them ourselves to! Wonderfull magnifcent..it is beautiful!! yay! lovely post..and wonderful read!

  4. I often "feel" the colors of a certain photo, or drawing---painting.

    Thank you for sharing your passion for color. What a lovely blog entry!!!

  5. And I LOVE those dolphin clasps...

  6. Tammie this is a fabulous work of art. All I do is think about color palettes, and this one is so beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  7. Colors are evocative, no doubt. I consider the seasons, and how Nature's clothing shifts with the turning of the wheel ... the colors change ... and that (along with the rest of Her) impact us.

    I sit here in the heart of spring - on May Day - reveling in the swelling buds and bursting blooms and the colors that help heal me from My long winter season. :)

  8. Your observations about the healing properties of color especially intrigued me. I've definitely noticed that some colors make me feel safe and comfortable, where others prompt practically an allergic response: wearing red, for example, can make me feel cold and clammy and break out in a blotchy sweat.

    The turquoise you wore in your portrait looked like a color of strength for you.

  9. Amazing colours and detail in your bracelet, Tammie. This type of beading must of taken ages to do!:)
    I also collect all kinds of jewellery as well as making my own and it is lovely to have treasures.
    Some jewellery items do seem to have healing properties when you wear them, especially with semi-precious stones.
    Have a wonderful Spring weekend.
    P.S. I will leave you a comment tomorrow on your other lovely blog!;)

  10. Hello tammie, Oh my. I remember making these bracelets as projects and I was terrible at them! They are so tiny! They tested my patience. Yes Yes, your adornment had medicinal powers just like love, laughter and friendship. It's a holistic life!

  11. Oh my goodness Tammie - this bracelet is positively DIVINE!!!!!!!

  12. yoga tramp, hello and thank you for your visit

    Lady J,
    Thank you~

    I can see the magic you talk about in your blog posts! I agree, magic and energy, color is alive.
    thank you~

    I can see how you feel colors in your art, it always suits what you create in a perfect way.

    So lovely to have you visit!
    I love imagining you thinking of color palettes all the time!

    Yes, seasons are all about colors and changing, springs colors really do touch us in so many ways. heal on dear lady.

    I also have shied away from red, orange and yellow. Especially in their straight up color wheel kind of way. Not burgundy, wine, rust, soft yellow etc. that is something else. BUT as time goes on I find I have opened to these colors and it makes me consider what has changed? Am I embracing more aspects of life, of myself. Still I had to chuckle as you wrote about red, I do understand!
    PS I was so surprised when I found that t-shirt in the thrift and liked the color. People are always commenting on it. It is a wonderful color to wear.

    It did take ages, usually maybe only, well I can't remember. Maybe 12-20 hours. But this one took 7 years to finish- ha. Yes stones have their presence, and the spirit things are made with do too. xo

    I use to teach beadwork and witnessed some people throwing it across the room with frustration, a bit fiddly for some people. But then look at all the detailed art work you do, that is a gift!

    Thank you dear lady. I started it so many years ago and has been haunting me to finish it. 
    Sometimes completing something is a gift in and of itself! The colors wove themselves into this, I just followed their spirit.

    many thanks for all your visits, support and love!


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