Sep 22, 2010

Autumns goddess; Lady Mabon

find goddess of autumn
within dancing leaves
hanging from trees
flitting earthbound
her eyes in the equinox moon
presence of the seasons tune
partake of her spirit
as you breath crisp air
dance under the moon
wear new autumn hues
enjoy our new season

for my artists friends who enjoy seeing the beginning to the end,
this time I started by mapping out a grid, practice you know.


I wish you all a lovely Autumn.
Treat yourself to enjoy the crisp air
the colors
the obvious dance of change. 
Happy Equinox
Blessed Mabon
to one and all!

a wee bit of Autumns magic


  1. She is SO beautiful! I like her. :) And look at all of those yummy goodies.

  2. Tammie, your Autumn Goddess is so lovely!! What a wonderful flowing mane and great green eyes!

    Such a super gift you received too! Emjoy!

  3. thanks for sharing your autumn equinox with us...interesting to see how you sketched that beautiful lady....bkm

  4. OK.
    This is absolutely my favorite of your ladies so far! I just love love LOVE her! The grid works really well doesn't it. When I am trying to do a serious portrait I use that technique.
    I just can't say enough about her - I love her mouth and her eyes and her hair is perfect for Autumn, which is my fav. season btw.

    So lucky you to receive such a great gift! Isn't it great getting to know people this way!

    Thank you so much for always taking the time to stop by and leave even a little comment of encouragement. I cannot tell you how much that means to me!

    Really looking forward to your next drawing!!!

    Smiles and hugs.

  5. I have to agree she is my favorite so far too, just wonderful. take care, you are doing wonderful. love your basket that you got. what fun. hugs.

  6. Anonymous9/23/2010

    This goddess has awesome Hair! She must only be able to come it in the winter months.

  7. Anonymous9/23/2010

    Oops, I meant to write comb. :)

    Love the pumpkins because I am a pumpkin baby.

  8. Anonymous9/23/2010

    Oh this post is filled with so much beauty! First of all your lovely goddess, I think you captured the essence of Autumn! And your words, always filled with so much feeling! and Oh what a beautiful basket of treasures!

  9. What a lovely gift parcel! :) Your autumn equinox girl is beautiful. Full moon and the equinox together, now there's inspiration! xx

  10. bofbips (luckybum)
    and full moon to complete it all


  11. I love the words that you add to your ladies--well done!
    And what a wonderful Fall package you received.

  12. Wonderful Autumn post....and, yes, she is my favorite also. I love her deep contemplative expression.
    What a wonderful gift from Joyce.
    And to top it off....a mushroom picture.

  13. Tammie, your drawing is lovely and as always a very gentle image. I like the leaves in Lady Mabon's hair framing her face. The poem compliments your picture perfectly.
    Wow, what a great and generous Autumn gift!:-)
    Autumn Blessings dear Tammie and thank you for your good wishes.

  14. Tammie,
    what a beautiful post for Autumn. A wonderful drawing, thoughtful words...and an awesome gift basket. How fun! what a great idea, too!
    enjoy this first autumn day!

  15. oh blush! i am so glad you liked your basket!

  16. Tammie...lady mabon is So enctrancing...i adore her magical spirit and autumn-esque energy...she is dazzling and so creational!

    and wow..fabulous treasures you ahev wonderful!! yay..the autumne exchanbe was fun wasnt it!

    Happy Mabon...wishing you infinite blessings of the Autumnal Sesaon Special Friend!! Hugs

  17. Beautiful goddess, I love the soft colors they are perfect. Your words as always are equally as beautiful. That is a very lovely gift to have received. Happy Mabon.

  18. Happy equinox, and full moon to you. I also have recieved some wonderful gifts as part of the exchange. I'm waiting (somewhat anxiously) for Faerwillow's to arrive so that I can post about it. Fingers crossed that she recieves her package today.

    I love the leafy hair of Lady Mabon.

  19. I like the drawing and it's great to see the process, great colors and shading on the face, I always sem a fanstasy element in your artwork and this is a wonderful piece

  20. Wow!! Now she really is beautiful...

  21. Oh, GASP! What lovely artwork! I adore her.

    So lovely--and what a fun time you must have had--how lovely these gifts are, Tammy!

    The link for FAT Tuesday is open for five days or so--so you still have time to post something!

    I just love your artwork.

  22. Oh TAMMIE! Lady Mabon is beYOOOOOtiful! I absolutely adore her eyes and lips and her wee little nose and her cheeks and her hair...okay, well, EVERYTHING! Your coloring and shading of her delicate features is fabulous. Ooh, and I enjoyed watching your process!

    Lucky lucky lucky with that gorgeous and bountiful basket! YAY!

    As for me, you are quite right. I draw in pencil, then scan it, clean it up in Photoshop and color it in Illustrator. A glorified coloring book, I am. :)

  23. Lush and luscious -- a beautiful celebration of autumn! Lovely gift. Thank you, Tammie.

  24. Hi Tammie,
    She is truly beautiful and I love seeing the structure, it is right on for her. I love her hair.

    What a special gift to recieve as well ... autumn is so very special.

    Best wishes,

  25. happy autumn
    to you,
    & to the
    you create
    & to what
    & love


  26. ~oh tammie she is pure magic....capturing autumn in the most perfect way...i l♥ve her and her hair gently caressed in autumn leaves...she would make for a glorious greeting card...thank you so for being apart of this equinox exchange...i am blessed above and beyond at seeing and hearing of all the wondrous gifts that were celebrate with so many from afar bringing us together in a special way has been such a lovely way to start the season...your gifts you gave...were beautiful and was a reflection of your heart and all you behold and the gifts you received ...may you enjoy them all...such wonderful goodies! a very blessed mabon and bright belated full moon blessings...may the magic of this season be with you each day...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  27. wow!!!!!!tammie your painting is FANTASTIC!!!!!!i wish i could draw like you!
    please keep creating!!!!

  28. oh! Thank you all so much for your loving support and awesome visits and comments. You touch my heart and encourage me to continue on exploring the world of drawing!
    heartfelt appreciation!


  29. Anonymous9/24/2010

    Happy Autumn to you to, Tammie. I have a feeling that you will experience it to the fullest.

    She is lovely!

  30. The autumn girl is beautiful! Love that you showed the beginning of it. :) And you got some lovely treasures. A little jelous. :)

  31. I love your Autumn Goddess!

    Joyce is wonderful, isn't she? I was blessed to win her Salem basket last year and I'm still enjoying everything she sent! Hasn't this Equinox trade been fun?


  32. What a gorgeous illustration, Tammie. Your drawing has developed so much over the past few months. And as for your big box of goodies - Wow! And what a lovely idea. Happy autumn to you.

  33. Anonymous10/01/2010

    Ooo Tammie this is so beautiful, she oozes the nature of autumn. and i love her creative.

    hope you have a lovely weekend..


  34. I missed this post! Lady Mabon is beautiful. Her facial expression is gorgeous - so penetrating. And I love her flowing hair with the leaves running through it. Your autumn gifts are lovely! The exchange was so much fun. I had a wonderful experience with it. Theresa

  35. Anonymous10/03/2010

    Tammie, I love your Autumn Goddess & SHE is LOVELY!


  36. Tammie ... I love your autumn goddess and poem ... wonderful artwork all the way around!

  37. Your 'wee bit of Autumns magic' looks soo juicy I just want to gobble it up! (Though I suspect I would get poisoned if I did)
    Great illo too!

  38. ...I don't know how I missed your other blog. Your faces are so serene...beautiful. When I was young, I used to draw faces and eyes. You totally inspired me to rethink those.

  39. wonderful...very expressional...I love the eyes...

  40. outstanding art,
    fabulous poetry,
    well done.

  41. Welcome To link in a poem to our potluck today, thanks a ton!

    hope to see you in,
    you could use an old poem.

  42. What an amazing entry. You are one creative individual. I really love your artwork. Especially this one. The way you did her hair like that is awesome, you also make amazing facial expressions in your work. I suck at trying to make a face look any different than just a dead expression


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