Nov 16, 2010

Embrace on Wings of Light ~

life in a world
of endless thoughts
things to learn
to do

mixed with our deep nature
of energetic spheres
of light
golden wisdom

a daily affair
to embrace with our utmost

 Sunday, I watched and followed a free tutorial from Tam at Willowing,
called; Art, heart and healing. 
You can do it too. 
I had SO much FUN. 
I have had watercolor crayons for at least 15 years and did not know what to do with them.
She taught us to create a face with pencil, much as I always do, 
then to lightly color the face with crayons and use a wet brush to make it turn to paint. 
She moved at a fast pace and I tried to keep up. 
It was fun fun fun to go fast and loose and see the face appear. 

We were guided to put words on it, 
I still can not find peace with mixing words on my art, they look tacky to my sense of harmony, 
so I covered them up. 
This is how it looked at one stage:

Visit he lovely and talented artist Beth 
to enjoy her art and her beautiful heart.
She hosts a art showcase called FAT Tuesday (you can join in any day of the week).
You can sign up and share your recent art post and visit other wonderful artists.
Wishing you a lovely week~


  1. ~tammie...she is very dreamy! isn't the class~videos amazing...she makes them so easy to follow along to!!! i l♥ve your message as well...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  2. She's beautiful! I love the feather that shows in her hair.

    I'm the same way about words on my art. I never seem to come up with the right ones and they don't look like they belong.

  3. hello faerwillow,

    thank you for your lovely message~
    Yes, the class is wonderful. I have only watched the first two, I found the art so freeing!

    Hello Janet,

    Fun that you like the feather, I carved it in one of those carving blocks. Makes me want to make more stamps!
    Nice to hear about about your experience with words, that is how I feel, like they don't belong.

  4. oh this is eye all the textures in the back ground...the words...very nice...but also does not take away from the girl...

  5. Tammie...she is wonderful...super beautiful! I love the hazy dreamy energy vibing form her..also..comjures the scent of flowers and rose quartz crystals! Magical!

  6. OH, my word! Tammie--this is beautiful! I was so intrigued by your description of what you learned.

    And inspired. ((hugs)) This lovely face is so sweet and soft. What a talented lady you are--I know I say that a lot--but only because it is the truth.

    ((hugs)) Happy FAT Tuesday!

  7. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Well, I have had some for several years, too. I can't do people but will try some flowers. She is pretty!

  8. She is SO lovely! You did a wonderful job. I like the soft color palette and the overall ethereal feel. I prepped my page but I haven't attempted my face yet. I hope to...soon. :) Theresa

  9. Hi,
    I love your finished work! I love the layers and the mystery of that. I am with you on the words, especially quite clear words but you have done a great job of making the words more fluid (which is beautiful).
    Very best wishes,

  10. I guess as female we have so many things to embrace in this world. We're working on our way to fulfill those tasks while maintain our gracefulness and be ourselves.

    oh but I guess it's kinda out of topic (haha), I was attracted to her strong and feminine expression. A graceful woman (or girl) :)

  11. Brian,

    eye candy is such a great compliment, thank you!


    always you fill my heart.


    thank you for being our lovely host! It is wonderful to learn and enjoy something new.


    Wishing you so much fun with your watercolor crayons!

    Faerie Moon,

    Thank you! I look forward to your creation!


    Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts. Yep, those words.... I don't quite get it. Funny, the poetry almost always comes naturally but not on the art itself.


    I love seeing this through your eyes. Thank you.
    The world seems so busy and so enticing. We are spirit and we are quite physical, a graceful dance indeed.

    Thank you for your visit Yeevon.

  12. She is beautiful. It is funny, but she looks like someone I know. I am also taking Tam's class. I just love her classes.

  13. Hi Nelly,

    Thank you for your visit and kind comment. Fun to think that my lady looks like someone you know. Does she also have pink hair?

    I loved her first class and look forward to the next!

  14. How beautiful! I love the coloring and her gentle expression. <3

  15. she's beautiful.......and yes, very dreamy. i love her eye color. I have seen Tam's website, but have never taken a class or anything. it does sound liberating. Looks like you are enjoying it!
    I like how you have put the words on, i usually don't do that either. but, I do love how it looks so great on some people's work - xo

  16. she is soo dreamy, I love the feathers in the hair and how the words go so well.

  17. Oh she is so dreamy! I love the pinks and the softness to her, I know what you mean about including words with an art piece I struggle with that too but I think you did wonderfully!!! Great piece!

  18. love from
    my deep nature
    to yours...
    & love this
    of light!

  19. Your blog is filled with beautiful treasures! So glad to have found you and be able to follow your lovely work! (I found you through Janine~ Just the way) Take Care!

  20. Very nice drawing in water colors! :)So warm, tender, dreaming..

  21. This is beautiful. I used to find putting words on my pictures a bit contrived (for me)and admired people who can do it and make it work. Only very recently I've felt moved to do add words occasionally but I think we have to do what feels right at the time and that's when the true beauty of the art shines through :) xx

  22. Watercolor crayons? I've never seen those. How cool! It creates beautiful texture! She has a very soothing, calming face. I love her full bottom lip and the pink hair. And the way you covered up the words is perfect! The words do not fight for attention, yet lie in wait for discovery. Beautiful!

  23. so she floats like a feather in a beautiful world.


  24. Anonymous11/21/2010

    magical presentations.
    Thanks for sharing...

  25. I think she's beautiful, too; and I love how the words are muted (but still visible) beneath the layers of added color. Makes me think of mermaid song; or maybe that's just because of those blue-green eyes...

  26. This is wonderful and I so love the way your style is growing. I think she's my favourite :D

  27. beautiful picture- I need to check out the tutorial. I just got books from Amazon I had ordered on creative healing, so this would fit right in. I also would LOVE to do some art journaling- can never figure out how to start though- I think I am overthinking it all a bit. Oh the irony...

  28.'re really inspiring me with your faces. I love the collaged look too. All your faces are so serene. I really like that.

  29. Beautiful colors and words. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  30. It came out beautifully and I like that you can just barely see the words ... they are there beneath the surface but are more integrated into the piece and living in the same world. Otherwise I agree with you on words ... they can get too greeting cardsy. This is just right!


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