May 1, 2010

Young Man

This week I found myself craving to work from photos or actual people.
I want to see how light and shadows 
bring a person to our sight,
my imagination is not quite good enough to do this- yet

I found a photo from my childhood
a young man I dated (blush and smile),
I have not been in touch with him for 30 years.

The amazing thing is
I can feel his spirit in this,
drawing is becoming entirely fascinating to me.

A few days ago, a frightening thing happen, 
I spilled wine on my laptop! 
I tipped the computer over to pour the wine off and the screen went black. 
It seemed I killed it! 
Yes it is backed up.... but still this little Apple computer is expensive. 
My photography business Spirithelpers is on it,
both blogs, my website, calendar, address book, music, poetry
well you get it. 

I sat it in front of a heater. I took it up to the loft, the hottest place when the wood stove is going in this wee cabin.  I let it dry out.
The next day, the 4th try and it started up! 
It works!
I feel thankful and happy. Whew!

So today at a thrift store I found a old coffee table for $5. 
Perhaps handmade and of oak, my favorite tree if one can have a favorite tree. 
I brought it home and stripped the funky finish off it, materials $25. 
I think it is wonderful:

The point to this story is,
drinks on the coffee table, not the computer table!
Do you see my friends in the background?

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  1. Wonderful sketch it has a lot of character, your light and shading is wonderful, love piece!
    Glad to hear your lap top is still working, what a great table and a great bargain! And I have to say it looks like you live in paradise if those are your friends!!Beautiful!

  2. Hi Nicola,
    Thank you for your visit and for your feedback on this sketch. I am so happy that my laptop is working. My friend took me out to lunch to celebrate! I have to say I love where I live, the wildness, the beauty, the air. It is a fine fine place.

  3. hi! beautiful sketch!!!
    tammie i'm at petit dolls in the academy! the 1st lesson has already started but you may join!!!

  4. A beautiful picture, a great find with the table, and oh my god! those friends of yours are fantastic. Wish I had a few like that myself. xJ

  5. Nice. :) Indeed, drawing can become an addiction - but it is one that is nourishing and sustaining. Enjoy!

  6. I cringed when I read you spilled wine on your computer! I did that years ago, but it wasn't an Apple. I have the MacPro now and I think they're indestructible!! Love the new table and, of course, your friends!

    Beautiful sketch - don't be surprised if you hear from him!!


  7. Tammie ~ at this very moment I set my coffee cup away from my keyboard and onto a table next to my desk. I'm so glad you got relief after the scare, and I LOVE your coffee table. A great find and great work you did on it - obviously the deer like it, too ~!~ . I am mesmerized by the drawing of the man you once knew - he seems very much alive and beautiful in your drawing and seems to be thinking lovely thoughts about you. xo.

  8. That is an amazing coffee table. It has so much character! I would have flipped out after spilling on my computer! You're right, it's holding an entire life!

  9. Anonymous5/02/2010

    Your blog is very nice & thank you for your comment on my blog!


  10. I like the way you draw his eyes, they seem so very vivid and wonderful shading

  11. Hello.thanks for coming over to my blog! I like your sketch - it would be interesting to have your photo alongside.His eyes are mesmerising.Oh, and I love your coffee table! Sarah

  12. excellent sketch, very characterful!

    amazing that the deer come so close in your garden...

    Thanks for letting me know about Sunday Sketches!

  13. Nice sketch. Love that the deer came to check out your new purchase.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  14. OH NO! too bad about the computer, but smart thinking purchasing that coffee table!!! I love your sketch, I showed it to my girls and we agree, he actually reminds us of Casey James from American Idol ...we love him this season...maybe that's why!!

  15. Fantastic drawing, rich in character and detail!

    Delphyne's comment about not being surprised if you hear from this subject made me laugh... I think she's onto something. There's a special connection that is fostered when we use our hands; if we were using our voices we would call it an incantation; there's definitely magic afoot!

    So relieved to hear your computer has recovered. So glad you found such a beautiful (and resourceful!) way to prevent an accident like that from happening again.

  16. A Pink Dreamer,
    Thank you for your cheerful note. I think I will join in, but on a different class.

    I was thrilled with the table and once I got the finish off I saw that it is even more beautiful than I thought! I do love the deer.

    Yes, nourishing and sustaining, why is that? Is it because we are in the flow of creating/ creation?

    Thank you for understanding the computer pain! Mine is a MacBook Pro also. That would be surprising to hear from him. You made me smile.

    Lady Shayna,
    One reason I shared my computer story was to worn people to take care, I love that you moved your cup. It is a fab table, eh! I am still wondering what the final coat should be, a simple oil, no stain. Hum. How lovely that you became mesmerized. It is interesting drawing people we know, it is intimate, brings on memories. I am glad I knew him.

    Cole and Jo.
    Yes, careful with that computer and back up your info!

    Thank you~

    His eyes look like this, vivid indeed. Thank you.

    I thought better of posting the photo without his permission. Since I no longer know him it was not possible. This drawing is a fair representative, though his face is a wee bit longer in the photo.

    Green Poet,
    Thank you for your kind response. Wonderful that you joined us for SS!

    Darryl and Ruth,

    Thank you for your visit!


    How fun that you know someone that looks like this. Thanks for your heart felt: OH NO!


    That would be a real surprise if I heard from this man. I also feel there is magic in things we do when we add attention, heart, time and passion. We will see how this effects my life and others. The table just presented itself..... I will be happy to have that table too. xo

  17. Wow..what an advnture filled post!! I love your furry friends..gorgeous! And great new table yay! Yes great advice for all us wine drinkers out there..whew..glad it all turned ou aok!!

    and your art is amazing..yes his spirit shines powerfully through..his presence is very strong and your art is gorgeous!
    Keep shining! Have a fabulous day!

  18. Wine and computers. I have splashed but not spilled. I am glad it worked out for you. I like that table very much. And your friend is lovely.

  19. Wonderful sketch, Valuable lesson, and cute deer - what more could you want?

  20. there's a lot of details on that sketch of your friend, I would call it more of a drawing. He looks wonderful! great job on the shading, especially the lips and the moustache, which are hard to do.

    Glad you got your computer up and running, I would be devastated if I ever did anything like that since I haven't really backed up, lol!
    You actually have deer coming up to you? lucky lady!

  21. kiki,

    thank you~

    Hi Sandy,
    Nice to see you at my new blog. I once spilled hot cocoa on it, but it survived that better.


    I agree, what more could I want.

    I agree, this is more of a drawing than a sketch. I still have not got the hang of sketching, give me a couple weeks.... or more. I almost think a sketch is more difficult, the simple lines must be perfect or telling of something. Where as a drawing I can change and change. A sketch is a bit like a haiku poem, it tells a lot in a few words. There is an art to a sketch.

  22. Your 'blush and smile' are reflected in your your sketch - ahhh, young love. The detail in the face is fabulous. Talented! And the eyes! Fascinating.

  23. Tammie, you're drawing is coming along by leaps and bounds - this young man is wonderful! All his features are so proportioned and his hair is great, you go girl!

    Yikes about your laptop! I just did the same thing two weeks ago, but with tea. Amazingly it dried out in less than 24 hours (it wasn't much liquid) everything actually worked except for the keyboard, which is kind of, well, KEY, haha! What a relief, I'm so glad you were able to save your electronic lifeline! Great coffee table and what beautiful deer, I can't believe they came that close!

  24. You really are improving with your lessons. Wow! I went back to your first sketch and showed my boyfriend (who is a fab artist), and shared with him when you first started to girl!

    And I chuckled and smiled about the boy you dated 30 years ago. Hee. :)

    Happy SS!

  25. Lenora,
    fun that you picked up on that blush and smile. he does bring back fond memories.

    Yes I hear many people spill drinks on their computers, I spilled a half a glass, quite a bit for a keyboard. thanks for making me chuckle over you 'key' joke. I hope it is all working now.

    I love how we all become part of each others lives enough to share our blogs with other people, like your boyfriend. I know I am not really sharing sketches on our SS, I will as soon as I learn how ;-}

    hugs to you all~

  26. What an awesome sketch! I love the deer in the pic you took!

  27. Hi Tammie,

    This is so great - every week you get better and better. So glad you were able to save your computer...that would have been a nightmare.

    The deer are too sweet. My grandmother grew up on a little homestead in minnesota and they had pet deer just like this one.

    reminds me of my roots.


  28. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you. I love that the deer were there too.

    Ah, thanks for your thoughts on my art, it is so encouraging.
    Fun that the deer remind you of your roots. These deer are not really pets, they just find things to eat in my yard, salad scraps etc.

    Hugs to you.

  29. it is really nice :) And thanks a lot for leaving a reply on my blog :)

  30. What a handsome young man! Beautiful portrait of him. I'm sure he would be blushing in pride, too. You know, studies show that if you keep looking at a face you like, your affection for that person grows and grows. I'm just saying. :D

    Thank GOODNESS for your laptop. Oh my, that would have been a huge tragedy. I have heard lots of good things about this company:

    If I didn't have Time Machine, I'd be using them.

    Fantastic job on the table, by the way! I love its retro flavor, and the wood is beautiful!

  31. His eyes are so wonderful--the highlights make them pop out from the page--you've caught something that's really difficult--a smile in the eyes themselves.

  32. Tammie, I love this are so gifted at writing! (I think you should write a book!)
    It has been awhile since I visited your lovely blog, and since the last time, I do believe you have taken up drawing!!! I am amazed at your new-found talent... you are incredible! Isn't art a beautiful thing? It is something I believe everyone should be able to 'let out' of themselves... and happy to see that you have! Keep it up, I look forward to seeing more of your work. Miss and love you, and hope all is well. Peace & Love,



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