Oct 11, 2017

Autumn Goddess

inspired by our beautiful autumn colors
a fairy goddess came to life




  1. So Golden! Look: her eyes! She is so proud to see the Gold, to change every tree into Gold!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful, Tammie!

  3. Anonymous10/11/2017

    beautiful and you have really brought them to life your autumn goddess
    a wonderful work of art!
    your autumn photo is wonderful!
    Happy Day

  4. This piece is a real favorite, a tribute to my favorite season, she is wonderful, so alive and full of Autumn energy, cheers to this golden season! Xx

  5. Your goddess has more colors than I am seeing here in Michigan. I love her! And your beautiful goldens!

  6. Zo mooi Tammie,de herfst Godin,kleuren van de herfst er in verwerkt
    ook de foto is zo mooi de gouden kleur van de bomen,tegen blauw van de lucht.
    wens je een mooi herfst weekend!

    Groetjes Christiene

    As beautiful Tammie, Autumn Goddess, colors of autumn are incorporated into it
    Also the picture is so beautiful the golden color of the trees, against blue from the sky.
    wish you a nice autumn weekend!

    Greetings Christiene


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