Oct 8, 2017

Fantasy Fungi

so fun to do another fantasy mushroom piece

autumn is the big season for fungi
but so far not many spotted 
it was a drought summer
we have gotten a bit of rain
so they might appear yet

another piece for InkTober:


  1. Anonymous10/09/2017

    that is wonderful, whether black or white and bunty
    I like this mushroom time, you have drawn it imaginatively!
    Greetings Elke

    1. Thank you for enjoying both Elke.

  2. A lovely drawing and the beautiful colours and shading bring it to life.

  3. Another delicate drawing, lovely. I like the little discs held in the circle looks like a necklace. This drawing says Autumn

  4. I LOVE this spiritual dancing mushroom! What an imagination of Original Tammie!

    We found some mushrooms this autumn, but also like you not too many. We cut them and dry them and have excellent meals in winter and last Sunday!

  5. Your ink drawings are exquisite.
    I like the circle with the tiny interruptions.

  6. Oh Tammie, your mushrooms are magic and they make me smile!

  7. I always love your mushrooms Tammie Lee :)

  8. Prachtig Tammie, deze paddenstoel, mooi om te tekenen en te schilderen
    er zijn zo veel soorten
    herfst de tijd van de paddenstoelen,echt genieten ik vind ze zo mooi!
    hier in Nederland zijn veel paddenstoelen.
    lieve groet

    Beautiful Tammie, this mushroom, beautiful to draw and paint
    There are so many kinds
    Autumn mushrooms time, really enjoy I find them so beautiful!
    here in the Netherlands there are many mushrooms
    with kind regards

    with kind regards

  9. really nice :) perfect for fairies to fly around :)

  10. wowness Tammie..gorgeous and sublime...so enchanting! I could picture this art transfered onto one of those decorative art tiles, would be beautifully hung near an altar or in the kitchen , so pretty and charming!
    I love exploring fungi on the forest too...such fun!


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