Nov 8, 2013

D.C. Tattoo

years and years ago
in a night's dream
someone said: let me touch up your tattoo
i said: what tattoo?
she pointed to my torso
i lifted my top to find flowers and leaves
much like the painting above
they were alive and moving as well!
I loved it

funny thing is, that i have never wanted a tattoo
perhaps all my freckles 
are enough body art for me 

This weeks Drawing Challenge is hosted by:
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we have snow!
snowflakes one night:

Lovely weekend to one and all!


  1. Flowers inside and snowstars outside - blessings, Tammie!

  2. What a wonderful post! I love the belly full of flowers and leaves :)

  3. I love the snowflakes and the painting is beautiful! How wonderful that it was inspired by a dream... I too have never wanted tattoos in my waking life, it seems so hard to commit to body art forever...

  4. your tattoo painting is pretty and really speaks to me. I've been taking a class about tattoo's and the flowers and placement mean something special. are you interested in a free interpretation to see what God says about your painting? If so, I would be happy to feature you and your art in my next post.

  5. You indeed have snow! What is it about snow in the mountains that seems more magical than anywhere else? Love your snow flakes Tammie!

  6. So beautiful and entrancing a vision, gorgeous art colorful and full of life-force....sounds like an intriguing dream...interesting to think of our dream-world-tatoos! Beautiful and magical! Hey me too..I am a freckly being too..sun sparkles are magical, we are lucky to be adorned with sun!
    Beautiful stunning!
    Wishing you a wonderful wkd!

  7. I don't really like tattoos but this one is beautiful :-) So funny how small the world is. You are linking to Patrice A and I happen to know her in real life! She's an old friend from my hubby, and a really nice lady....

  8. Beautiful painting, love it and love the idea of living tattoo! Awesome photographs! We don't have snow yet, but middle and north Finland has!

  9. hello everyone!
    so lovely of you to stop by and leave me such kind, lovely and interesting messages! I love hearing from each and every of you!

    Victoria, fun to think of being adorned by the sun.

    Dori, flowers within, snow stars without, sounds like a good life to me ;-)

    Debbie, Yes, that sounds interesting and fun.
    Thank you for asking.

    Lisa and others who don't want a tattoo, i understand. But it was really fun to have one in this dream. And to have the flowers alive and moving was profound.

    hello Denthe,

    how fun that you know Patrice A.
    I do not.... but this group of mostly women do a D.C. (drawing challenge) nearly every weekend. A different blogger hosts each week and makes up their own prompt. And it is not just drawing that gets shared, it can be any art form and often photographs are the main sharing. I find their arts interesting with a touch of sophistication that i enjoy.

    wishing you a lovely weekend.

  10. Snow? already and looks so fluffy and perfect for snow man building.

    Love the drawing.

  11. you are a crasy girl-)))
    I love this tattoo painting.Wonderful!!!

  12. already snow???

    yes sweet of the aching body( more years)

  13. well this would indeed make for a beautiful tattoo. How is that beautiful little man of yours?

  14. oh yes......I love your snow!!

  15. That's funny! I would love to have dancing flowers on my belly! Must be tickeling a little?
    And oh, snow! Winter's coming! Still raining here, but I can feel the cold intensify from day to day. Just a question of time when we will see our first snowflakes, too. But they won't have that special Montana magic appearance that Terri mentioned... ;o)
    Keep warm!

  16. Dear Tammie I soaked in every single word of your wonderful dream, that is so marvellous, pure and wonderful I hardly can describe in words and your artwork is the icing on the cake.
    Can't believe that you have already snow!
    Wonderful photos by the way. Is that your house? So cute and romantic with the trees.
    Barbara Bee

  17. I am thinking about your dream and have to say, I am spellbound. what a nice idea to carry moving images on our skin, once in a while. thank you so much for the inspiration.

  18. Anonymous11/10/2013

    Maybe in another life you had that tattoo!
    We were supposed to have a bit of snow last night, but I got up to rain instead.

    Your cabin looks good in a snowy setting.

  19. hello friends,
    yes snow already, yesterday most of it melted off, but today we have a few new inches of the white stuff. Even though it is above freezing it keeps coming down.

    hi Karen,
    the little man is healthy, happy and growing within a very happy family!

    Barbara B, yes that is home sweet home.

    lovely Sunday to you all!

  20. A wonderful dream for a wonderful lady... love your paintings.

  21. What an amazing dream! I'm not sure if I'd want 'moving' flowers on my torso though! ;)
    Your painting's lovely!
    Jess xx

  22. What a beautiful dream a garden growing with in...would make a great tattoo, if one was so inclined :)
    Your drawing is a lovely substitute !

  23. Wow, Tammie - aren't dreams amazing! What a strange on, but beautiful. Great thought to illustrate it.
    Our temps dropped here this weekend along with a clear sky, so next will be snow, I think.
    Happy new week, sus

  24. Nice snow photos.
    Greetings from bear, Beertje Zonn

  25. dear Tammie
    thank you so much for sharing
    your wonderful dream
    and for me
    this drawing
    is my favorite one from you!


    ha, yes!
    i know Denthe

  26. Your dreams are very interesting, Tammie, especially because they find a way in your art pieces! So lovely and colorful. I do not care much for tattoos either, but yours, one that is alive and green and flowery, sounds really pretty. :)

  27. maybe it was in your past life you were decorated so the drawing and envious of your early fallen snow...always wonderful to see the world through your eyes...much love light and blessings~

  28. I agree about freckles being the best body-art. This is really beautiful, though, and if one were to get a tattoo, this would be an interesting thing to have. Also, I LOVE the snowflake photos. Wow.

  29. Juhuuu! you have SNOW! winter has come to your place! =) It looks so beautiful, I love it! and I'm looking forward to see many photos here beyond, you're very clever to shoot them! :)

    what a strange night mare. but dreams and nightmares, by thinking it over, when are they not odd?
    I'm wondering.. what should it mean? Freckles are nice I think. I had some few on my nose and chin before when I was young, but they have disappeared..

    Have a lovely week! :)

  30. I mean I'm looking forward to see your photos of the beautiful snowflakes.. But all your photos are always as beautiful! :)

  31. amazing. both the dream and your delightful impression in watercolour. what a tattoo! it's a one i could go for, in miniature, somewhere on my body... which does not mean i would. ;)))

  32. You are right, when you have loads of freckles, who needs tattoos?!

  33. The floral tattoo is so pretty and poetic! Love it!<3


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