Nov 17, 2013

Inner Realm

visiting her inner realm
eternal spring of life

(looks like i have a very dirty scanner!)

pastel forest
a lovely place to wander

I had the pleasure of staying at my friends home:
loved the sound of snow crashing off his roof

we have been getting snow a few times a week
it melts away.....
still not here to stay


  1. Love the inner realm drawing ~ it's precious.
    I could just wander right into that pastel forest.
    Enjoy those early, transient snows.

  2. The pastel forest is the same like where I was today and last days. What a nice connection!

    We wait for snow on Wensday.

    Inner meditation is so important for all of us!

  3. Your meditation girl makes me relaxed :) Lovely!

    and I love your pastel forest! beautiful colors!

    and a lovely photo!
    I know the sound of snow crashing. It's quite scary same time fin, I think.
    We have not had snow here yet. But we have lots of sun and it's warm.

  4. same time fun
    (sorry for my error writing, it seems sometimes I just have to do it, without I mean it)

  5. Your pastel forest is a lovely place to meditate!

  6. Oh my.....every image is so wonderful, Tammie Lee! Visiting your inner peace, oh could the rest of the world use some of that! And then your pastel forest? YES! Then, the lush scenery at the end. Thank YOU for this lovely start to my day. Anita

  7. That meditating girl is so lovely, and your pastel forest looks like a great place! And that picture ... wow! some beautiful nature up there!

  8. You are surrounded but such natural marvels! The peace of those wood invites to meditates and is reflected in you works. We had snow one day, a lot of wind and rain yesterday, though. A branch fell off one tree in front of our house but that was all, fortunately... :)

  9. Both pieces are so peaceful and tranquil dear Tammie... so beautiful... and snow crashing from the rooftop sounds wonderful...

    Jenny ♥

  10. Ma chère amie bonsoir,

    Un très joli dessin... Un billet plein de sensibilité.
    J'aime beaucoup votre travail.

    Gros bisous

  11. Love, love the pastel forest!! So restful!!

  12. Such a peaceful illustration, we all need the quietness once in awhile.

    Wishing you a beautiful day Tammie!


  13. Beautiful meditation, love the simple line, so peaceful and quiet. The forest is magical!

  14. C'est un superbe travail! j'adore !

  15. I love it! You are so talented, your work is always so serene and calming too, definitely my favourite thing about your art :)

  16. A wonderful and inspiring place.
    Your work is really wonderful!
    Have a good weekend!
    It transmits peace, much peace.

  17. I know I'll always find peace when I visit you here... your pastel forest seems like a wonderful place to be lost in. :)

  18. What serene and peaceful images. Absolutely lovely.


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