May 27, 2013

Word Inspired Sketches




once there was a girl
who skipped everywhere she went
a hoop in her hands
a hat on her head
she was known to inspire smiles

like a dream

sketching with a brush and color


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  1. oh my, i Love, love, love "Fusion", so sweet and light filled ♥ thanks for sharing your beautifully expressed art once again.

  2. Oh, my WORD!!! I LOVE all of these, dear TammieLee. So beautiful--and whimsical. Each fills my eyes to the brim. I especially liked the legend. What wonderful imagination you have. I'd like to see more of this plucky girl...she's so fun--she made me smile today. Thank you, and Happy Word Inspired Sketches! (grin)

  3. I also wanted to say, I love the bear listening to the melody of birds--was delighted by the fusion of adorable dolphin...ah, each has such a bit of whimsical beauty all its own. Fill my eyes, they do.

  4. That's a lot... Love the bear a lot. And the otherones are so nice to. I will visit the link for a look at the work of others.
    Liefs, Melanie

  5. Inspiring and creative! such a joy to watch!

    And I found my favorite one - the dolphins, how lovely! =)

  6. You art is so happy Tammie. The girl skipping with her hoop is my favorite...she has motion and vibrance and even from the backside you can tell she has joy! These are all fun works, but she just captured my attention the mostestestest.

  7. Beautiful pictures Tammie :D I'll post mine individually next week as it will save me so much wasted time editing, doh!!!

    If you click on the main picture, it will enlarge or is it still too small?

    Happy sketching :D

  8. Ha Tammie,mooie muziek ontspant
    en dan komen de mooiste inspiratie tekeningen naar boven.
    Ik wens je een fijne dag
    liefs Christiene.

  9. Anonymous5/28/2013

    Tammie, you are a brilliant shining star. If I ever lack inspiration, I need only pay you a visit to replenish myself. You overflow & share so freely, thank-you.... the otherworldly whispering beings that live through you ... speak in secrets to me too.

  10. Luminare is my favorite one...will you color her? :)

  11. These are gorgeous sketches! I love the girl and the hoop and the watercolour tree.xx

  12. Love the "fusion" :)
    Have a great day <3

    Johanna, Sweden

  13. Words are wonderful for inspiration, especially meaningful quotes. Beautiful work Tammie, you're inspiring too.

  14. They all bring smiles to my face, especially "fussion" and "legend".

    I love how the dolphins are intertwined, at one with each other!

    The lady's gesture, particularly her skipping legs are so fun!

  15. so many different things to like here! They're all wonderful but I especially like the two dolphins and their blue washy background and also the moon in the sky above the fir tree. I really love the colours of the fir tree picture actually. so magical!

  16. Wonderful creations! Love the watercolors. :)

  17. Wow. You really need a post for each one of these. Melody is SO sweet. What a beautiful expression! And legend. I thought she was dancing and playing a tambourine. She is so light and free! Fusion is precious...and when you look at it a certain way...the two make the shape of a stingray. They're ALL beautiful!

  18. Such charming inspirations ~ the prompts, your words, and you lovely images!

  19. Adorable ...
    Live a parallel world thanks to your blog!
    Tammie, a letter arrived: thanks! Now I have a postcard of my favorite artist. Thank you!
    And the envelope is special ... love it!
    A big kiss!

  20. Oh My! They are all so very lovely. I especially love "Legend", you really captured the poem beautifully.
    Have a Wonderful Weekend.

  21. Bonjour ma chère amie,
    Il est bon de vous retrouver après mon absence.
    Il est très agréable de pouvoir à nouveau admirer vos oeuvres et lire les mots qui les accompagnent.
    J'aime beaucoup chacun de cette dernière publication. Cependant le tout première est très charmant et rempli de poésie... Les autres aussi !!!
    Gros bisous

  22. Al so simple and delightful specially the skipping girl. Happy PPF

  23. What a wonderful and simplistic post. Makes me want to run with wind.

  24. These sketches are beautiful! And what inspiring words!! :) xx


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