Feb 13, 2015

DC: Aqua & face 14

it is her aqua aura 
that supported her chosen path

energy of a healers stance
breath of alpine waters
presence of serenity
wisdom of the ancients


long ago i took a thin sheet of wax
carved these heart-full pieces
cast them in sterling silver

i had strung them in pearls
but tired of that
and this weeks aqua inspired a new expression:
blue quartz, chalcedony, aqua marine and chrysophase

this is how it was for the first 20 years:


thank you Veronica for hosting DC!

her inspiration for us: 


thank you Alaya for inspiring a month of faces:
 29 faces



  1. Such an expressive face - perfect perspective and I love her ears!
    Your renewed necklace is beautiful.

  2. That's a wonderful drawing, open and pure. The ear made me smile:) - eric

  3. Love the Aqua face. And really like what you did with the necklace, what a transformation.

  4. Love the aqua healing elf, and the necklace in its new aqua incarnation is truly inspired!

  5. Loving aqua elf girl, but am totally amazed to pieces at your beautiful necklace. You've done an amazing job of casting. My one attempt at the lost wax method resulted in only the most marginal success. But I think you're right; the time has come to change its pearly shine to a deep, tranquil, watery one. Thank you so much for joining and I hope your weekend is spectacular.

  6. Beautiful, the aqua elf girl and the necklace, gorgeous! :-)

  7. She looks like she has a little secret to whisper~!:)
    Have a sweeet day my dear!<3

  8. what a playful aqua spirit. I agree, love the ears!

  9. this is a curious face and it's wonderfully done. I like the idea of aqua aura - as if you can really see such thing.

    thanks for the DC info, hope you have a lovely day.

  10. Beautiful work. xoxo

  11. a liquid aqua make-over! your face's eyes are superbly vivid. love it. n♥
    ps - thxs for your sweet comments! enjoy your sunlight.. we have some today.

  12. Your necklace is such a beautiful piece, you should do jewerlery professional - wonderful heart and with the new aqua perls even mor beautiful!!! Love it.
    And I like the potrait with ears and this expression - very good.
    Yes, and I knew that my little sons picture would steel the show!
    Have a nice weekend.
    barbara bee

  13. That an amazing Post! I love your paiting with its wonderful aura :) and not to mention the new necklace...how gorgeous, wow, aqua fits so well to the silver...makes it so light and clear!! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  14. That necklace is beautiful, I don't adorn myself in much jewelry, but THAT.. i would wear. The silver casting and the aqua stones, gorgeous! As usual, your faces are uniquely done, very special, always interesting.

  15. Wow, that is some aqua makeover!
    Lovely painting. My favourite line is "breath of alpine waters"
    Have a great week. xo

  16. So beautiful face with the aqua aura! Wonderful painting! And like this lovely necklace!

  17. Ha Tammie, again a very pretty face
    a beautiful elf .....
    So nice to see you and enjoy art
    Dear greeting Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,weer een bijzonder mooi gezichtje
    een prachtige elf.....
    Zo mooi jou kunst te te zien en te genieten
    Lieve groet Christiene.

  18. Very strong, your Aqua-elf-girl. Thank you. Lucia

  19. what a strong little elv she looks like. and the necklace looks so much better now. almost like a power chain.

  20. oh Tammie, i love the way your elf is looking at me from the screen, she's a wise one?
    great make over too, pretty, pretty colors.x

  21. Such beautiful jewelry! And the color world in your painting is delicate.

  22. I like your Aqua!!! and the necklace is beautiful!!!


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