Feb 26, 2015

Face 26 & 27 of 29 Faces

my my
February's month of faces is nearing it's end

it has been a good challenge
lots of practice


there are two more faces to go

in the meantime thank you to Martha of Ayala's art for hosting



  1. All your faces are so lovely! I specially like the caterpillar girl turning into a butterly girl..this is awesome!
    I wanted to do the 29 faces as well but was to busy with so much other project this time... I feel a little bit sorry about..
    but therefore I can enjoy all your wonderful faces here-that reconciles me!

    xxx Susi

  2. Phew, final countdown! True, lots of practice and lots of fun, but I have the feeling, I'm not going to paint faces for some days...

    I've always been drawn to green hair, don't know why, so your green haired and green eyed girl appeals to me.

  3. Tammie, lady in the green, beautiful I keep saying.
    again very special !! ... Wonderful !!
    dear greetings Christiene

    Tammie,dame in het groen,prachtig ik blijf het zeggen.
    weer heel bijzonder!! ... wonderschoon!!
    lieve groetjes Christiene

  4. They're beautiful, Tammie. I absolutely love the tenderness in your fairy's eyes. I hope the weather there is fine so you can wander and explore. :)

  5. your faces are so sweet and peaceful and fit right in with nature. Congrats on (almost) finishing the challenge!!

  6. Love the green haired sprite! Valerie

  7. Your faces are all of the spirit world, other-worldly and good. (Maybe what Denthe has said).

  8. The first face is the green-nature-child, the second comes from Classic-Greece. -

    It was and is a wonderful adventure to watch your interesting 29-faces-story. Thank you, Tammie!

  9. What a font of creativity you are!
    Meet some Hawaiian Menehune:

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  10. I am really loving all of your variety of faces. Great work.

  11. You are a skilled coloring. I have enjoyed them.

  12. So many lovely faces here, all so special and unique in their own way!

  13. Very stunning. The deep green in the first one's eyes is arrestingly gorgeous. And how I adore your shading and beautiful sculpting with your paintbrush!

  14. She is soooo lovely the one with green hair! :)


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