Sep 23, 2013

A feeling of Familiarity

it is so interesting 
when i create a piece of art 
it looks like someone in my life

something about this reminds me of my dear friend Abigail and her girls

i started this as a loose watercolor painting
then last night i used copic markers to pull it all together
never married those two mediums before
it was fun


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Elle pourrait être Dame Automne avec ses grands yeux...
    Un très joli portrait.

    Gros bisous

  2. This is a beautiful drawing.
    Greetings, Sonnja

  3. Anonymous9/24/2013

    I liked the Maria there before very much and this painting is wonderful, too. So warm an nice eyes.

  4. Beautiful! Super colours and that star on her cheek is adorable. I love to mix watercolours and markers or watercolour and coloured pencils.

  5. ...just so beautiful!...(O:

  6. She is so beautiful.
    Liefs, Melanie

  7. So nice! It's great you combined watercolors and Copics. One can paint big surfaces with watercolors and do tiny details in Copics: it allows, I think,for a better use of time and art supplies as well. :)

    It's so beautiful when you discover in a random drawing the face of a loved one. Some times the best portraits are the ones that happen spontaneously, without trying too hard....

  8. She's really lovely ~ so peaceful and dreamy. And I've never had a feel for the Copics, but I may have to try them again some day. Your experiment served you well!

  9. Ha Tammie een mooie meisje met een mooie tint mooie ogen en met de bruine kleur haar een bijzondere mooi tekening van u vriendin.
    lieve groetjes Christiene.

    Tammie a beautiful girl with beautiful eyes and a beautiful shade with brown hair beautiful drawing of you a special girlfriend.
    dear greetings Christiene

  10. Hi Tammy, She is ADORABLE. I often find the imaginary faces I draw remind me of someone I know. More often than not they remind me of me.

  11. I've been catching up on your lovely faces - and the great mushrooms. Your face is beautifully painted, with rich colouring. She looks very sweet and kind.

  12. She's beautiful--I love the way you used the white highlights. Just stunning.


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