Feb 6, 2017

Green Feather

this little guy is so happy with his
green feather

we are in the midst of a big snow storm
I think we have gotten 26 inches
in the past 2.5 days
one more day to go

that means the world is beautiful
lots of plowing and shoveling snow

a crazy amount of snow on my roof!

a body came along with his face


  1. Twenty six? Oh my! We're having a bit of a melt here, but I suspect when 26 inches melts it's a bit more problematic! Lovely, but wow!

    1. Hopefully the melt will be slow and not create problems. But Thursday we are suppose to get warm (above freezing) weather for 10 days. That should inspire some melting.

      It really is beautiful.

  2. What a snow! Respect to him!! The guy with the green-feather-branch is lovely! He loves autumn, I think, because of his clothes and aura.

    1. He does have autumn colors or summer.
      Yes, it has been a great snow. Really fun to experience. Some good work ;-)

  3. He is a really jaunty fellow with his cap at an angle. The feather looks like a fir branch. Another super little painting.
    I have been trying to construct a Winter Book for 2 years, not enough snow to draw or photograph over here. Winters are getting milder.


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