Mar 30, 2013

The Unfolding of a Drawing

first there is a feeling
an idea
an inner image
sometimes the shape of a face
the width of her eyes
or perhaps the thought of a walking stick

then a sketch begins to come to life

another wanderer
with her walking stick
protective hat
and energy auras that travel with her
offering insight
and kinship
she walks in the ways of the elders
(sorry the final image is blurry)

asked if any of her readers would like a cloth bookmark
made by her

yes, i said
look what arrived in the mail:

  it looks even more wonderful in person!
my tai chi teacher once gave me feedback:
look up

Thank you Annie!   



  1. I love watching the process of a drawing so thank you Tammie
    Manon xxx

  2. She is FABULOUS! Her eyes positively gleam! I enjoyed seeing her step-by-step. What a lovely bookmark! I will say that I think books shall never go out of style. :) enjoy!

  3. So nice to see the proces. She looks so pretty. And the bookmark is very pretty to. Have a nice easter.
    Liefs, Melanie

  4. Wonderful to see it unfold! Love that little figure sitting on her hand. Lucky you to receive such a beautiful bookmark!

  5. I LOVE watching your creative process flow. She's so lucky to have a trusty walking stick and a little friend to keep her company. She's wonderful! And hehehe, that bookmark is so cute!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Wonderful face, amazing eyes! Pretty wanderers!

  7. She really came alive right before my eyes. This was a great way to show us your process. I love your bookmark too. Lots of work put into it.

  8. Gorgeous, thats your painting and the beautiful bookmark. Look up... I like that a lot!

  9. Very pretty, as usual her eyes are beautiful! It's fun to imagine where she's headed off to with her walking stick.

  10. Love her face and her derby! Sometimes the least little thing can spark of an idea for a drawing.

  11. Hello Tammie!
    Loved to see the process :)) !!
    Have a great day,

    Johanna, Sweden

  12. I love that she is holding a tiny little person! She's very pretty- I love the gentleness of your pictures.

  13. i always like to see the progress of a drawing and yours is great! her lip colour is fabulous :)

  14. OH, that is so fun to see how your drawing unfolded! Thanks for sharing. And how fun to get a handcrafted gift!

  15. Hi Tammie
    wow,she is so beautiful with lovely eyes.I like very much that she is holding a tiny little person!!!!

  16. Il est très intéressant de pouvoir visualiser l'évolution de votre travail. Il y a tant de poésie en lui.
    Un petit ange gardien qui vient se poser sur sa main ... c'est très trognon ! Cette adorable jeune fille est délicate avec un soupçon de sensualité.
    J'aime particulièrement...

    Jeudi prochain, une petite surprise pour vous sur mon blog...
    Un grand merci pour votre délicate attention avec cette oeuvre d'art reçue et très appréciée de tous (facteur compris!!)... Je suis terriblement touchée et votre envoi ne quittera pas ma dollhouse... Avec tout plein de bisousss je vous renouvelle mes remerciements.

  17. Oh she is so incredibly gorgeous Tammie... such a beautiful little face... love the hat... and wonderful bookmark from Annie...

    Jenny ♥

  18. I LoVe seeing the evolution of the drawing. She's charming! and I love that bookmark, too!

  19. Your wanderer is delightful! I love that hat and those energy fields.

  20. She is gorgeous. I love her eyes...they look so alive.

  21. I am lovin this hat girl..she is gorgeous and totally fab!! Beautifully done..I love watching art come to life! magical! Lovely cloth bookmark from your friend..awesomely beautiful!

  22. This drawing reminds me of you--is it a self portrait? ((hugs)) You have such a wonderful style, such a lovely expression of both art and words.

  23. Lovely! So fun to be able to see step by step..Beautiful eyes and I do like the gloss in the eyes! :)


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