Feb 16, 2014

Sketching and Painting

energy swirls

fast sketches
on handmade paper
it felt good to play with you

Thank you Alaya for being our generous host!


  1. These are lovely, Tammie. Your 'fast sketches' are great!

  2. Anonymous2/17/2014

    Your faces are etherial and the first one's swirls remind me of chakras. Are those golden orbs flowing around the girl in the painting? I love the way they frame her as she looks of dreamily. Beautiful shading and highlights on that one too.

  3. Love that first drawing. All these pieces are wonderful, yet there's something very free, exotic, special about *her.*

  4. hello Janice,
    Thank you!

    M Kae,
    the swirls in the first one are chakras and her energy to me as well.
    The orbs were meant to be an aura at first in the painting, but the orbs took over, so i just went with it. Thank you for your lovely message.

    Hi Rose,
    Fun that you were drawn to the top one, me too.

    sweet week to you all!

  5. wonderful drawings...the first makes me think of the chakras. what a perfect way to show energies. Are you thinking of painting her? She's lovely as is but I think with colour she'd be even more beautiful.

  6. These are beautiful faces.

  7. Wonderfully pretty sketches. The first girl in particular has a magical mysterious quality. She seems a bit lost and so very delicate!

  8. Your faces are magical and so peaceful, beautiful!

  9. Lovely!

    The watercolor is very good and tells of a wonderful peace in the soul

  10. Gorgeous sketches! And I like the use of colours on the last face. I didn't yet get out my watercolours for this challenge but now I just might ....


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