Jan 17, 2014

D.C. #125: Numen, Jan. 18-19

imbued by numen of winter
depth and stillness call to her

sitting tall
assisting energy to flow from her earth into her heavens
hibernating bear
a conduit of unending chi
mate to her reverie
treat yourself to visit our wonderful friends
inspired by: numen;
the spirit or divine power presiding over a place or thing


thinking about guardian spirits
divine presence
of magical powers residing in places
has inspired a landscape:


  1. What a warm and really lovely wolf-sofa!! :-) just inspirating!

    Beautiful winter-scene!

  2. You have such a lovely style Tammy. I love your paintings.. She looks so content sitting on the beautiful bear.. I love the way you have illustrated the texture of his fur.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  3. My apologies Tammie, for spelling your name incorrect, above.

  4. Hi Tammie...so deeply beautiful..embodying such spirit and soulfulness and pure beauty!How I love that enchanted bear..so bewildering..I am smitten..peaceful spirit! and love the piece of sacred nature..it shines with such rich-colorful-sparkling magic..that natural magic you always carry in your works!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful challenge! yay! such fun!

  5. How sweet of you to come visit.
    so happy you enjoyed them.. Well I would have never thought of that. Putting in on a finger with Arthritis. Good idea!

  6. Thank you for enjoying these pieces... they each took time.... especially the top one. Layers and layers of paint until they felt complete.

  7. lovely calming work!

  8. the first picture with the bear is really touching me, I feel the presence!
    It was a great theme, dear Tammie, thank you for inviting and inspiring us.
    I wish you lots of walks in landscapes like this beautiful one
    x Stefanie

  9. "...they each took time.... especially the top one. Layers and layers of paint until they felt complete..."

    I think this is the basis of this intense virtue, Tammie!

    It's funny, that I have posted a sketch of a girl in a "floor-mditation" with animal-contact at the same timme :-)

  10. I am in love with the first painting. Love the bear and the girl look so peacefull. And the athor painting is also a beauty. Thanks for sharing this.
    Liefs, Melanie

  11. your painting is radiating peace and rest,your sleeping bear,undisturbed by the cold, belly full and dreaming ,i will think of your painting on a sleepless night ;)
    your landscape bathing in soft moonlight is very touching and reflects the magic of reality,
    thanks for being a lovely host, xx

  12. sounds like the perfect yoga night to me, in which i am immersing myself lately. i do think your landscape will pop to mind, when i will visualize winter, next time i need to. very atmospheric, longing for snow me, still...
    unexpected theme!

  13. Hi Tammie, I'm jumping over from tinyWOOLF and was just telling her I've been playing with painting in "fog". I'm going to give this a try and see what I can come up with. :) Love both of your paintings. The bear painting reminds me of the art of my friend Jackie Morris, who I love to pieces, and the snow scene is so calm and quiet that it's easy to get lost in it. Nicely done. :)

  14. Thank you for enjoying the bear Stephanie. I will enjoy a walk in woods like those today, indeed!

    Dori, how fun that we both posted a woman in deep contemplation on the same day.

    thank you Melanie! For me, my art is complete when it is enjoyed.

    Rinilde, i love that you will think of this sleeping bear on sleepless nights, i will do the same. May it lull us to sleep. I love the magic in the mundane.

    InyWoolf, thank you for your lovely message. I would also long for snow if i did not have it in winter.... something about a true season that brings the cycle of life into harmony.

    So wonderful of you to stop by. how fine to have Jackie and her art come to mind when you saw my bear. I love her art and have a number of her books. Let me know if you join us as I would love to add your name.

    lovely weekend to you all!

  15. Dear Tammie,
    wonderful first drawing, 'cause I can feel the energy, the inside and outside, the floating... peace... numen. Great!
    Thank you for beeing our host with this huge theme.

    Have a nice weekend
    xo Ariane.

  16. Beautiful winter-scape. I was going to say how lucky you are to have such gorgeous surroundings to inspire your paintings...then I looked at your bear...lol. Not sure I ever need to see one of those in my real life.

    Thanks again for sharing your talent. As I go through your blogs and etsy store, I notice how peaceful your work makes me feel.

  17. Ariane, thank you for sharing what you feel when looking at the bear painting. That means so much for me to hear!


    Thank you for your lovely visits and messages. I feel so honored that my arts inspire a feeling of peace in you. Thank you!

  18. This evening it was a completely black night and foggy at the place near the forest, where I have my animals, and I thought of you and watched the "Numinosum" of the night, because there was no electric light anywhere, which disturbes the night-flair.....

  19. Numen, indeed, Tammie. Well done!

  20. Dear Tammie,
    its me again. Wanna tell you, that I have dreamt of your painting last night... I was the woman, meditating: I could feel the chi, the connection, the warmth of the breathing, sleeping bear. It was wonderful. Thank you!


  21. Wonderful!! The image with the bear is just fabulous. Great feeling to it. Beautiful :)

  22. Wonderful paintings Tammie! and thank you for starting the year off on such a reflective and spiritual note :)with the d.c
    I really am in love with your landscape those clouds and moon especially- I feel as though I could float right in there
    Your work always has such a strong sense of feeling- like music :)

  23. hello Dori,

    I had to look up: numinosum, thank you for another reflection on this word of spirit and the divine. How fun to have you think of me.... sounds like there are some similarities to where we each live, no lights here either, except in homes and the stars, sun and moon.

    dear Ariane,

    as i read your message about your dream, my heart responded with like a dance of joy or something good. i am finding it hard to find the right words for a sensation in my heart.
    it does indeed seem that you have connected with the numen of this painting, that is a dream come true for me. thank you so much for letting me know!
    you have begun my day with a smile from the inside out!

    I am glad that you enjoyed starting 2014 DC with a word such as numen. It has been good for me too.
    Thank you also for taking to heart the landscape. Doing landscapes is new to me, and i enjoyed creating the three i did last week very much.

    Thank you ALL so much!


  24. Thank you so much for the warm invite Tammie, I've come up with a little something. :)

  25. I love your magical moon-light landscape, Tammie, and the bear-chair! Thanks for the challenge, I had a good time thinking about this one, love, sus

  26. Tammie Lee you gave us all a magnificent start to this new year of 2014 (art wise) and I personally thank you very much for that! Ariane's dream!!! Oh my!!!
    Well I love that bear painting as well. Really love the idea of it, as well as the actual painting.
    Bears teach us to go within ourselves (hibernate) and awaken the potentials sleeping there. Then bring what we awaken into the outside world. I am inspired to draw and maybe paint some bears this spring. I love your art truly. Norma, xo

  27. Such peaceful and inspirational works Tammie! Ah ... to be curled up with a big ole' warm bear on a cold, winter's night!!! Thank you so much for the numen challenge! It was such delight looking at numen through such varied creative avenues! I find it so intriguing how photography is often intertwined with other artistic mediums (as I stare at my hidden sketches and doodles scattered over my desk, usually depicting something I've photographed! Hmm... )

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  29. Dear Tammie, thanks for your inspiring deep and spiritual theme! What an amazing start for 2014 DC! And your painting...! So full of calm and safety and meditation! Is that me, the woman with the long red hair? ;-) Well, at least it feels so when looking at it and it seems to be the perfect place to relax and calm down, to listen to the inner voice and feel the numen!
    Wonderful painting!

  30. Hi Tammie! I love your drawing, it is so silent in itself but also very sweet. I just love that bear!
    (don't worry about the wrong link, I didn't even notice it ;-)))

  31. Nicely done--comforting and gentle.

  32. I love coming here to see how your peaceful mountain surrounding influence your art and the things you share on your blog.

    Have a beautiful day Tammie!

  33. What a beautiful picture sitting on the bear, (maybe it is not correct to say sitting on the bear, rather say: sitting with the bear)
    I had not thought about it, but the seasons have a certain "Numen" and I think winter is going with me,
    Thanks for the invitation, you're very kind, was pleased to participate in this game! :)

  34. ::sigh::

    And thank you for the leads on more inspired expressions!

  35. Dear Tammie, little late this time... I really like to thank you for this inspiring theme to start this new year with. I think Numen is a presence in all of your paintings, but what I especially like about your first painting is this calm powerful spirit and connection of both the girl with the strong bear and both connected with the whole universe. Something what we sicretly all longing for this feeling of secure connection to everything around us and what is.
    The 2nd painting with the clear calm stary winternight is extremly tempting too - espcially for ones who suffer of a lack of snow!
    Thanks for inviting us!
    Love + hugs
    Barbara bee

  36. Dear Tammie,
    The Lady sitting calmly in the Bear's embrace seems to be sharing a deep, peaceful moment with the Bear, in a beautiful world of their own! I love the landscape and its blue color! So serene!
    I thank you with all my heart for giving me a chance to draw my Numen!

  37. You have one of the most elegant and peacful art styles I have ever had the privialge of coming across. I just wish words could exress the beauty I feel in your words and art. Is this what people experiance in yoga? ^_^
    Yours is a wonderful soul, Tammie. <3 So stunning.

  38. You are magical ... that nice!
    Thank you for your art.

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE the landscape!!! Magical!

  40. I've been away - hibernating like your beautiful bear - now I am enjoying them all, what lovely challenge. Thank you.


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