Aug 30, 2013

D.C.: Order and Chaos

nest: a sacred vessel
eggs: the perfect order for the promise of life
wee ones are born
then chaos begins 

big smile
this week i have been working on two paintings with owls
in them

THEN i had an amazing encounter with THREE
Great Gray owls
a mother and two fledglings
it was at dusk, when they come out to hunt
so the photo is grainy:

some how i feel that all life is contained in this theme
the word 'trust' comes to mind
sometimes we can not see where all the tiny details are heading
where they all end up
perhaps chaos leads to order

or at least it can
thank you Barbara 
for inspiring an interesting contemplation

a branch broke in a tree this week
it seemed like an arm offering this nest so that i could see it
previously it was hidden to my sight

such amazing 'order' in the way it is made!

nicely glued to the branch

a sacred vessel 
for the eggs and babies it held


  1. Owls are such great birds. Just love them. I like the owl you made a lot. Thanks for sharing;)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. Ah...I love your artwork. This especially touches me, as I have a soft spot for owls.

    This fills my eyes to the brim. I lovey our poetry and I adore your photography. What a talented lady you are!


  3. hello Melanie and Beth,

    So many of us love owls.... they touch us deeply and inspire us too.

    thank you for your support and kindness!

  4. this is one of the most lovely layered nests i've seen tammie!!! and those great grey i loved to hear them when we were neighbors on lupfer meadows!!! xo abigail

  5. like you i LOVE owls
    last year i made some paintings and linocuts
    and there is a new one in the make

    this is a wonderful post
    that nest a perfect example of
    chaos and order ;^))
    i enjoyed all of it
    so thank you!

    wishing you a fine weekend
    with love
    Patrice A.

  6. Dear Tammie, this is a wonderful post, not only about lovely owls, but also for your reflection of the theme and I agree with you that it contains all of life. Trust would be also a interesting theme, maybe you like to be the next host?
    P.S. To see my collages in bigger size you can finde them on my other blog:

  7. Wise words and thoughts you're sharing, dear Tammie. And of course, I love owls, too! Rare luck to see one, much more to spot even two! And such a beautiful nest...I'm sure the owl in your drawing stands the chaos of soon-coming nursery, it looks like a character very calm and in order.

  8. OMG Tammie! What a beautiful piece. Your owl with his lil' heart warms my heart! Yes, I too have a great love for owls, something handed down to me from my Mom! What a splendid painting! I love the texture and colours! Have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  9. That owl is so sweet. Love the little heart...

  10. owls are so beautiful! many years ago we lived in a house with a great plane-tree in front of it. every autumn there were 12-14 (!) long-eared owls - it was a wonderful time!
    your painting is so beautiful, love this wise old owl, your pictures and your words!
    :-) mano

  11. yes! i do believe it can lead to order, it can, and often it takes a long, long winding road, and by the time... my dear. chaos seems always to be at hand.

    not deriving so from your entry! the owl is wise, and he is a prophet of order. his order... ;)))

  12. loveöz this owl!!!!
    With MANY joy awaits her babies...cute-))))
    Bravo dear Tammie for this work-)))
    Wish you a lovely new month

  13. A wonderful painting. And experience. Truly.

  14. Thank you for the magical post and beautiful images:) Leena

  15. Great! dear Tammie! the owls, wow, fantastic photo! and sweet painting. The nest seems to be a gift for you... and you're right: there is chaos and order at the same time.

    ...are born
    then chaos begins...
    so true!

    xo Ariane.

  16. I think you drew the owls to yourself with your magic paintings, Tammie!
    Best wishes for September magic, sus

  17. Mooi zo Tammie zo als je dit uilen nest laat zien een prachtige foto.
    dat je uit de ontmoeting deze prachtige moeder uil met het nestje met eieren hebt geschilderd prachtig.
    IK wens je een fijne week.
    Een groetje Christiene.

    Tammie as nice as if you let this eyrie see a beautiful picture.
    you've painted beautifully. these beautiful mother owl with nest with eggs from the encounter
    I wish you a great week.
    A greet you Christiene.

  18. there's a lovely order in your post Tammie Lee, you painting owls and a nest, the owls you saw on your way and the tree bringing you a nest to admire.that nest is purely wonderful!
    i love the way your mama owl is looking at her eggs :)xx

  19. Oh my gosh....three great gray owls!!
    ...and your owl painting is so cute.

  20. I have no words to describe your art ...
    Tammie, this is wonderful ...

  21. Gentle, loving owl mother, so beautiful!

  22. Love the emotion in the owls face and the heart showing on the chest. Yep, that's what it's like when you're a mom.

    This is a lovely piece.


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