Jun 20, 2013

Summer Solstice ~

summer solstice 
time is here

time of bears and tiny deer

flowers cloak our forest floors

elves and crystals
treasures galore


inspired by a recent hike:

a bear that walked in front of me:

a newborn fawn in our woods:

 and my beautiful niece

we live in an area with deep seasons
NW Montana, USA

times like solstice are quite meaningful
and obvious

our days are long and nights are short
the earth is lush green
flowers galore

life comes alive with sunshine and rain

sharing this with this weekends Drawing Challenge:
"Summer Solstice"

treat yourself to a visit
and visit the other artists come this weekend

lovely Solstice to one and all!


  1. Ah, Tammie--this drawing fills my eyes...Such a whimsical, magical touch. Your photos of deer, bear (yikes!) and dear little niece delighted my eyes.

    I adore your artwork. I especially love this wonderful painting.

    ((hugs)) Happy Summer Solstice!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what beauty you are surrounded with! I love the colours in your paintings, they so reflect the lushness you are describing! You are blessed! Happy summer!

  3. Hola Tammie,
    Hermosa inspiración para ese trabajo que quedo muy bello.

  4. I'm in love with this drawing. It has got evereything I love. And the photo of the bear and little dear ...love ;)
    ( the little girl is lokking very sweet) have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  5. It's beautiful!
    Inspiring ...
    Tammie Happy summer!
    Sofia is a very pretty girl!

  6. Magical..powerful...super enchanting imagery..your art speaks to my soul...such beautiful poetry alongside..the perfect summer solstice meditation..! Thanks for sharing your magical journey and transforming it into art...very very special...blessings friend!
    Hugs..wishing you bright blessings..

  7. Anonymous6/21/2013

    hello deer..dear..:)
    such a beautiful place you live. solstice greetings to you too tammie, have an inspiring evening x

  8. Oh, this is so beautiful. The colour of the trees looks like a long hot summer, and the girl you painted looks just like Sofia. So cute ...

  9. I just love this so much Tammie...the pretty artwork and all the inspiration that brought it to you. You captured your niece perfectly.

    I would FREAK out if I saw a bear on my hike. FREAK! What an amazing photo.

  10. oh my, thank you for sharing all of it...so much beauty!! i cant take my eyes of the fawn and i love the bear too, one of those visited during my stay in the US, he was so beautiful <3

  11. lovely! i am painting a bear at the moment :)
    thanks for your visit!

  12. In Holland where I live, there is no real nature. No wilderness. Long ago I was visiting Yosemite Park and we met 3 bears. So that was 3 heart attacks! Unbelievable that you dared to take a picture. I would run.
    Well, your country and family are really great inspirations, that I can imagine. And see in your painting!

  13. Hi Tammie.....lovely painting! The girl looks so comfy with her elbow on the fawn. Your hikes are more exciting than mine, although we have bears, cougars, and deer in our woods. Happy summer to you! xo Carole

  14. what you describe here, i sometimes find in films. i always wonder what it would be like, to live close to nature and feel its changing seasons from up close. i like how you show us your inspirations.

  15. beautiful!
    it's good to know there are places where nature is still wild and free,
    your painting shows me how dear it is to you,
    your lovely niece leaning on that fawn, caressing it,
    a wonderful image Tammie Lee, x

  16. wow
    a bear!!! and a fawn Ive only ever seen one in Walt Disney format!

    Your artwork is beautiful I really enjoyed the narrative with the image.

    Helen :)

  17. OH this is so interesting and exciting, I love to read your text about your home. And this is great how you show the inspiration for your charming painting.
    A bear, a deer, a beautiful child... and the orange is so strong. It´s a color children like. And this is what I feel in your painting, a lot of the way children look at the world. your inner child is very alive!
    (hope you see what I try to explain - my english sometimes not enough)
    x Stefanie

  18. a bear walked in front of you!?!?! I'd be terrified!

    The painting is absolutely beautiful though- I love the colours!

  19. WOW, just wow! The photos are stunning and the subjects are perfect. But I could have sworn that was you, Tammie, in the painting... it really could be. It is your world.

  20. Oh my... dear Tammy,
    sweet painting! and your inspiration... you seems to live like in a fairytale. Wonderful inspiration in the woods (btw do you know what the encounter with a bear means?) cute deer... nice niece!
    Pretty light!

    Happy summer season!
    x Ariane.

  21. Dear Tammie, you create a fairy tale, lovely and rich, thank you! x Leena

  22. Solstice blessings and supermoon energy to you. Have just found you via amanda at earthangels. Your blog is lovely and the paintings stunning. If you would like to visit me back I'm at http://www.astartemoonblog.com/, blessings to you, Alison

  23. Ha Tammie,prachtige foto,s van dieren die je tegen komt op jou pad zo ook van de beer.
    En dan kan het tekenen en schilderen beginnen prachtig weer geven wat daar bij jou leeft.
    zo mooi!
    Bedankt voor je bezoek.
    Een lieve groet

  24. My gosh Tammie Lee you nailed everything. My eye travels around taking in the deliciousness, the color, the texture, the subject(s) contained in this painting. It is a winner. Love your style. I am amazed at how you got the likeness of your beautiful little niece. Your work is fabulous. Norma, x

  25. Loving your whimsical and wonderful solstice painting! Beautiful art!

  26. So beautiful so see how a painting has come to life with your photos !!! Wishing you a great summer :)

  27. So beautiful so see how a painting has come to life with your photos !!! Wishing you a great summer :)

  28. Magical fairy drawing, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog, i can't get enough of all your art!
    Have an awesome weekend :)

  29. Hey!
    many beautiful things here!
    First: your niece
    Then. Your painting is wonderful. the color is excellent!
    and where you live is a beautiful place :))
    Thanks for your comment, but I live in the other hemisphere, winter begins for me :))

  30. Delightful post in every way, Tammie! I love the likeness of your dear one in the fairy. Hugs, sus

  31. You've really captured the spirit of the place with your painting! Your little Sophia is so sweet, a perfect subject for your painting too :)
    I keep thinking about what you said about deer being kept in. I looked back at the photo I posted and saw they were next to a fence. The fence is only to stop them going near the house. They have acres and acres of land to roam free in, often they're so far away from humans they can't even be seen. :) The wildlife where you live is stunning and amazing how close up your photos are. What a beautiful place to live.xx

  32. How wonderful!!! the time of the fawn is so magical and your depiction is equal to it :)
    Thanks so much for sharing your work and world and for playing along !
    Happy summer :)

  33. Great photos and fabulous painting! The girl is just adorable! :)

  34. Wow, Tammie can't believe that someone is living in such an beautiful and incredible place where you walk into a bear!
    Now I can understand how you're dreamy wonderland paintings come from. Wonderful.

  35. Beautiful.
    Living that close to nature must be really inspiring. I wish I could see a baby fawn but I would be scared of the bear!!

  36. Your artwork is fantastic and your photographs are marvellous! I have never seen a bear coming so near as well as this little new born fawn.

  37. How cute is that! How I love this painting! and so amazing seeing your inspiration...magical woods you are living in! ♥ Conny


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