Jun 28, 2013

DC: Time Travel

to write
to draw

to the presence
of spirit friends

though i am here
you are there 
and here

time does not exist
is the vehicle
for this travel 

this weeks 'drawing challenge' is with the word
"time travel"
hosted by:
visit this weekend and enjoy
the art of wonderful people!
this painting began with this sketch



  1. This is so beautiful. Looks like a fairytale to me.
    Have a very nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. lovely as always, have been working with elementals (fae) this week, loving the synchronicities :)

    Blessings of Joy to you x

  3. Ha Tammie,een mooie schildering een meisje dat tekent en schrijft
    een engel strooit kristalen met de mooiste kleuren hier houd ik van

    Liefs een groetje

  4. so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet dear Tammie!!!!
    I can see your love in this beautiful work-))))
    have a great weekend
    hugs and a big smile

  5. Hi, Tammie, thank you very much for your comment. By coming to your blog I found the theme of the DC this week, is a pity, I do not knew what it was, I did not find out, I would have liked to participate.
    ok. I really like this. words and your illustration.
    may I say something? ... thanks.
    I think the sketch is as good as finished illustration.:)))))


  6. There is something special about your words and illustrations Tammie..
    Just lovely!
    Thank you so much for your most welcome visit and kind thoughts.

  7. sweet painting, dreamlike!

  8. I go on a little journey through your blog and I find so many lovely paintings. they are fabulous and magical and let me dream of a wonderful world. :-) mano

  9. the fairy's triple wings? yeah!
    ps - i love your new theme, ideas spring to mind even, but like i mentioned in my post, i'll be taking a break till august. i'll be glad to find you all again by then.


    What you are doing with drawing is what we are doing with poetry; we are given a prompt and with reading materials to introduce us to different meters and ways to approach poetry, we start our assignments. What you have beautifully illustrated here in your piece and in your written description of the journey is exactly what I'm doing these days! Art is art....it requires not only imagination, but the practice of using the tools to manipulate the colors, the lines, the words to get a certain effect. Your work is SENSATIONAL! Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a kind message! Anita

  11. I came here via Nadine's tiny wolf.
    I love your painting: the soft colors with the vivid pink and red in the women's clothing.
    This is what reading does for me---I time travel or I think of magical moments like the 'fairy' is imparting in your painting.
    I like how you have the woman's one foot on a bubble and another one on a toe; then the rest are in the air.
    Very creative.

  12. Great post! Love the concept of time travel and spirit guides!
    Thanks so much for visiting Cinnamon and the nice/thoughtful comment.

  13. Time flies and yours like a fairy! Lovely and magical, thank you x Leena

  14. This is magical and poetic! I like the idea of travelling by openness, this is what we all should do!

  15. sweet lovely fairy tale drawing
    and such true words

    thank you
    Patrice A.

  16. Hi Tammie Lee! Thank you so much for coming by today and yes, POETRY is found in the stroke of a brush as well as in the skillful stroke of the pen....there are so many treasures to discover in reading about all the tricks and tips, then so many difficult moments to try to write! Happy day my dear, Anita

  17. Beautiful! The girls look like coming from a wonderful dream!

  18. Sweet! <333

    Johanna, Sweden

  19. I like the painting and the sketch, both, Tammie! And don't you love blowing bubbles?
    xxxoo, sus

  20. Like your traveling into a fairytale world no time and space. A really nice and fairytale drawing,♥Kerstin

  21. Love your words here- so true and well spoken :) and I'm especially drawn to your little sketch that started it all :) BEST_

  22. What a beautiful illustration. I love your idea, colour and linework.

    I wont be able to join your DC this week my mother and Aunty are coming to stay. Its sounds a wonderful theme and Ill check in if I get time to see the artworks.

    Enjoy your week!

    Helen :)

  23. Tammie, it only takes an instant, coming here, seeing your sublime drawings and paintings, reading your poetry, and I'm transported to another world, a place of wonder and magic where all dreams are possible.
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational art and soul with us my friend!


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