Jan 22, 2013

Winter Coat

two nights ago
i woke and had the image of a full winter cloak
in my minds eye

the one above is an ink drawing
no sketch
a fairly fast piece
so freeing.....

neither of the coats in these two pieces look like the one from my sleepy state
i may have to bring it to life yet



  1. I love the inky one! I had a 'vision' about a coat a little while ago and because it didn't exist in real life and I really wanted one like it, I felt compelled to paint it. I've put the painting on my twitter background. :) Maybe one day I'll have the real thing?xx

  2. I love that you didn't waste any time in getting 'it' down with sketching and paint. They're both lovely and I'm sure the elusive one will come to you.

  3. Beautiful Tammie... so much movement in your fabulous ink drawing... and gorgeous painting... love dream state inspiration...

    Jenny ♥

  4. Lovely lines, beautiful colors! Maybe time to take up sewing?

  5. I love them both. I'd love to have a proper winter coat like these.
    Oh do bring your dream coat to life... and show us here. I have a friend I work with, and rather wonderful she is. She has the most amazing dreams. I share mine with her and she with me. I love hearing about folks dreams.
    Much love to you Tammie x

  6. Anonymous1/23/2013

    Now I have to get a coat like yours ...
    Tammie, this is a dream ... this drawing gives me a winter afternoon, without cold ...

    A kiss!

  7. great lines,lovely scenes!!!!
    I love your work very very mutch Tammie

  8. Adorable pieces, really like the big coats! <3

  9. ...this is lovely... try more... your paintings yawn for more ...

    best wishes


  10. They are both wonderful! The first looks like a pen & ink illustration for a vintage fashion ad! And the second is so very adorable~


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