Oct 8, 2012

Wish You Happiness

within his mind
mostly one thought
to wish you 
and you
and you
in the deepest sense
on a soul level
within the air you breath
the thoughts that rise
the way you walk
and dance 
and talk
and all he did
was to imbue:
wish you happiness 
in you 
and you
and you


  1. very striking! Is it done with pastel or paint?

  2. hello Harriet (Victoria Stitch),

    first i coated the page with white casein paint
    then the sketch
    then a vague base of oil pastels smeared together with the stub i showed
    then painted with watercolors straight out of the tube - if i were to add water to this paint it would only bead up, but painted straight out of the tube works wonderfully.

    thanks for asking
    if you have any more questions, I am happy to do my best to answer.

    lovely day and beyond to you.


  3. Beautiful writing and Portrait. I love visiting your blog Tammie. Thanks for sharing your art.

  4. ...puckering up for the kiss! ~ a joy to behold that very moment! ~ blessed be! ~ dear sister of the heart!...(: ...xXx... ...Samantha... ...hugs to thee!...

  5. Love it, both the painting and the words and I wish you Tammie all the happiness! <3

  6. thanks for replying to my question!

    p.s. celestines eyes open and close and move around using photoshop. but shh!

  7. What a wonderful blog you have!! love your painting and her eyes drag me in ;)

  8. Thankyou for a lovely post to enjoy Tammie!:)
    Jess xx

  9. Anonymous10/09/2012

    another celestial fellow, wonderful.

    & the message to exist selflessly, only to inspire happiness... something for us all to ponder - thank-you Tammie ;-)

  10. Beautiful words and painting Tammie. i love your poety

  11. oh that’s looks fantastic Tammie! hope fall is beautiful in your woods… xo sandra

  12. I'm filling my lungs with fresh air right now, while I thank him for sending me such a wonderful thought! :)

    Lovely drawing/panting! :)

    Lovely weekend to you! :)

  13. Hi Tammie. <3 Oh wow, I love the face so much and the poetry you always have on your posts, gives my soul such deep peace and inspiration. It's truely beautiful.
    I love your visits to my blog and wish all the joys to you. Happy weekend to you. <3

  14. You should publish a book with these drawings/paintings and words. You write so lovely and the text goes so well with the image.

  15. I am marveling and taking in all your colors and words and those deep, bright eyes. And I'm tickled by the leaves that appear on his neck. All so very lovely!

  16. I did not realize what a great poet you are. This is lovely!


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