Feb 22, 2012

Embroidery and Beaded Earrings

I love Karen Ruane's wonderful embroidery and stitching arts!
The cloth above she breathed life into for her daughter.

Sometimes she even stitches on paper:

recently I won two of her buttons in a give away on her blog.
They arrived today and are quite elegant and beautiful
thank you Karen xo:

treat yourself to a visit to her Etsy Shop
and Blog
or join her Online Classes!

I thought I would share with your one of my other arts.... 
beaded jewelry.
This will be the last pair I make like this
a rare delight:

 close up:

for sale here:


lovely day and beyond to you
and yours


  1. ...yoU are sO talented! ~ colours ~ soft and dreamy! ~ a lot of love and patience has been woven into this treasure!...
    ...another extaordinary share Tammie! ~ and karen's work is just gorgeous! ~ thanks to yoU! she's won another heart ~ am now looking forward to her posts as well! ~ blessed be!...

  2. ~good morning my friend...what a post...what a post...from delicate whites to vibrant beads of embroidered patience and beauty weaved into stunning pieces...two talented ones are you and the one you shared...much love light and blessings~

  3. Anonymous2/23/2012

    oh beautiful on all counts... you do beadwork too!!?? just lovely ;-)

  4. thank you!!! It was a pleasure to make these for you...your beads are also wonderful and I am honoured that you have thanked me in this way....

  5. Gorgeous Tammie... :)

  6. Wow...these are really beautiful earrings.
    I love the embroidary, special indeed.

  7. Whoaaaaaa. Amazing handiwork by two amazing artisans. Such fine details! These are incredible!

  8. Aaaaahhhhhh! I missed your birthday. I hope it was happy. I tried to leave comments but had difficulty when I was overseas.

  9. Wow!! Stunning earrings..so radiant and magical..fabulous Tammie!! Very special and spiritual!I love them so very much..i bet they spark up the aura and chakras up!

    Gorgeous post..such beautiful photos and treasures!!

  10. Lovely colors on the ear jewelry.. that you have made.. so clever you are! I don't use earrings thouh.. no holes in my ears.. I used to have when younger, but stopped..

    Also a lovely embroidery that your friend has made.. :)

    Lovely weekend to you! :)

  11. Gorgeous work hers and yours! Love the textures in her embroidery..so beautiful!!!

    Your earings are so festive - I really like the colors, they're fun!


  12. My goodness, that is stunning work! It is reminiscent of the Edwardian stitching I have seen on antique blouses,
    I really love your beadwork. There is just something so wonderful about those teeny tiny glass beads woven into spectacular patterns and swirls.

  13. Anonymous3/11/2012

    Your work is really beautiful, I love the paintings and the earrings here too!

    Thanks for your comments on SF cityscape... and the scary birds are the Angry birds, i'm sure u would know them!


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