Jan 28, 2012

Dusty Rose

like a dusty rose
from bud to bloom
she bathed in sun
under rain 
and stars
her scent beckoned to lean close
to inhale her beauty

in the beginning
a sketch:

visit Sophia's:
Sunday Sketches

recently i did a swap with Micki Wilde!
from: The Secret Hermit

I sent her a bundle of My Spirithelpers Greeting Cards
and in the mail I received this beautiful envelope in the mail:

 with this awesome piece of art
and i love the message!

Thank you Micki!!



  1. Wow..beautiful soul..she is so super-fantastic..such unique essence in her face and eyes..I totally love her Tammie! Feels like a shift in your artistic expression as well.....wildly wonderful!she is gorgeous!

  2. ...beautiful creativeness! ~ with words to match! ~ having a snowy winter has it's attributes! ~ lots of wonderful play! ~ with creative muse! ~ thankyoU for sharing your awesomeness tammie! ~ may the week ahead unfold a myriad of gentle blossooms! ~ blessed be!...

  3. She' s so lovely! I'm struggling with noses these days.... :)
    And Micki's piece is amazing!

  4. love dusty rose, and Micki's piece of artwork...love what you do.xxx

  5. Loving your dusty rose, she's a beauty. x

  6. Your words fit her perfectly--love her softness.
    And Micki--she's awesome!!

  7. Hallo Tammie,
    Dusty rose does her name she,s a beauty her fase aud corlors as soft as rose.
    Greetings Christien.

  8. ~i have been thinking of pinks and reds as of late...maybe it is the bits of yearning for warmth and spring that resides deep within!!! she is soft and sweet my dear friend...i love the colors you chose to work with...much love light and blessings~

  9. She's beautiful! Love Micki's polka dots too.

  10. hi Tammie, great swap, love your girlie face.... beautiful :)

  11. Love the vintage feel you created with the dusky pink. Great piece.

  12. She's very pretty, and I love the painting your friend gave you!

  13. I am so glad you like what you got in the swap, as I sent each one out at random, I had no idea what you would end up with.
    I was slightly overwhelmed at the generosity of your parcel every single one was totally gorgeous, you are very talented with photography and art too, your latest painting is gorgeous!!

    Thank you so much for swapping


    Micki x

  14. So cute! and I love your swap.


  15. Nice work, Tammie. I really like how you did her lips as well! :) Hugs

  16. What an extraordinary painting...she is like one of the petals of spring. I do so long for spring.

    This lovely lady and poetry filled my eyes and heart today. ((hugs))

  17. How gorgeous! The poetry you put with all your paintings just touches my heart and inspires me. ^_^

    What a wonderful swap!

  18. Oh my goodness, I love that first piece! The pink tones and textures are great!

  19. I just love the colors you create! It is fun to see the beginning stages, thanks.

  20. This one's a beauty too! Her eyes hold my gaze, and what a wonderful, gentle sweep to the right. Oooh, I love the colors you have blended here.

    YAY, that's a GREAT swap!!! Love the painting and the message that comes with it. :D

  21. Beautiful lady you create again here. Just love her!

  22. Ah! It's lovely and so is yours! I had one of hers too with an equally beautiful envelope for it to arrive in. It's great to take part in this swap isn't it? :)
    Jess x

  23. She's lovely and I love the poem, too! Lucky you to swap with Micki Wilde! She's a sweetheart. xoxo

  24. oooh, i love dusty rose...she's gorgeous - love the eyes, too!
    just getting around to all the sunday sketchers!
    love the poem, too! hugs, tammie!

  25. Hi Tammie,
    Dusty Rose has a beautiful face and such gentle eyes!
    It is good to see your art blog for a change and read your poems surrounding your lovely paintings.

    The art swap is wonderful too. What a generous gift to receive with love.

    Hope you are well, dear friend. I'm drinking English tea while typing this comment and I thought of you! ;-)

    Best fairy wishes,
    Jo, x

  26. What a lovely painting! I love the spark in her eyes....
    Visiting from http://hellopalz.wordpress.com/

  27. love dusty rose, and this sweet painting from micki!! i think it's saying is so true of you too...
    i just posted my winning piece from micki! thanks for sharing this swap with me...as you do all the greatest things! i am so blessed to have you in my life!!
    love you so much!!

  28. Wow, this is awesome. I love the textured portrait Tammie and Micki's art too.:D

  29. Dusty Rose is elegant. I particularly love how you did her neck, kind of slanted and expressive to go with her beautiful face.

    I did the mail art swap with Micki too and I can't wait to get my package! I love what she sent you!
    Very fun and good advice.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, it is so nice to meet you!

  30. ...I love the vibes coming from Dusty Rose. The background makes this painting so cool...


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