Jan 7, 2012

Give Away: World of Froud (signed) Catalog

oh how they move when they walk
hips they do sway is their talk
they glide as a team
they stream and they gleam
oh how they move when they walk

in Jane Davenport's class: I ♡ Drawing
(awesome wonderful teacher and class!)
we are learning how to make our girls look as though they are walking

do they look like they are walking?


I love all my blog friends!
Yes that is you ~

you've been kind and supportive
you encourage and teach me
you inspire and keep me company along our journey!

I want to offer a wee awesome gift, 
if you like faeries that is!

right now has a Exhibition of Brian, Wendy and Toby Froud's art.
I bought a signed 108 page catalog that I would like to give away to one of you!

I will choose ONE winner on Valentine's day. 
I know that is far away, or is it?!

(update: winner will be randomly chosen
January 31st. Maybe it will arrive to the winner on Valentine's day)

108 pages of faerie land!

if you want to leave a comment, but do not want to win this book,
"no fairy book please"
in your comment
or something like that.

(sorry to say that one corner arrived crushed, still it is awesome!)

join us for Sunday Sketches at Sophia's: Blue Chair Diary



  1. Wow Tammie, those chicks are certainly moving alright! I need to go back to the class, have been missing from there for too long!
    And those faeries, how wonderful, who would not love faeries I wonder!?
    Did you see the exhibition? It must be such a treat!
    Lovely work here my friend, your drawing and you poetry, as always!

  2. Lucky you to see the exhibition Tammie! I am entering for that book... But I would pay the postage if I won... Love to you and I hope you hear the wolves howl tonight!

  3. hello Marta,

    so awesome to hear my chicks are moving ;-)

    no, I did not go to the exhibition, merely ordered the catalog to see it that way. I live far far away from NYC!

    thank you for your kind visit! xo

  4. so lovely to hear from you Jane! You are a dear to offer to pay the postage, but no no, that would be my pleasure!
    I did not see the exhibition except through this book. A family of amazing artists!

    thank you for being my wonderful teacher!

  5. ...greetings tammie! ~ your art moves to the sway of their own kettle drums ~ beautiful girls ~ looks like ~ yoU have found an amazing teacher to learn from!...
    ...your artwork shows well deserved awesomeness ~ wrapped up ~ from an inspiring soul ~ like yoU ~ thankyoU for the share ~ blessed be!...
    ...hmm ~ me thinks ~ i live too far away to enter the give away ~ but thanks for the fantastic offer ~ looks like sO much faerie fun! ~ blessed be!...

  6. Anonymous1/07/2012

    Tammie, great post. It's been a challenge with these strutting girls, hasn't it? But always fun with our Ms. Jane.

  7. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Your art is infinite, elegantly captures the movement ... I'm always glad when I see your work!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. They are gorgeous Tammie and they are definitely walking. I have been contemplating the i heart drawing course and I think I will start to save now :) And yes I love fairy books.

  9. Ooh I would have loved to see that exhibition. I love Brian's work, he is such an inspiration. Can you imagine what goes on in that mind of his?

    Now as for these ladies - they are most definitely walking and gliding down that catwalk. Love what you did and really wishing I was doing that class with you. Drawing legs scares me!

  10. Beautiful bodies! I have to learn how to draw bodies well. :)
    You know, I still have my first book by Froud & Lee, "Fairies". My parents bought it for me when I was a child in 1979!! It is like something sacred to me.

  11. wow...gorgeous art Tammie...I love the energy and movement and feel...such a powerful vibe..gorgeous!
    LOve it!!
    Shine on!

  12. Oh Tammie, your blog is so cool! Your walking girls are great and I love their wild, free flowing hair! You are so kind to offer the fairie book! Wow! What an encouraging gift to give an artist!

  13. They look beautiful, as if they're rocking on the catwalk in a fashion show!

    // -T.W-

  14. your girls certainly look like they are in motion! I love how graceful they appear!

  15. Anonymous1/08/2012

    your work is just amazing, they are so fluid and you can just feel them swaying down the cat walk, beautiful, elegant

  16. Your girls are very lovely, really like the pencil sketch of them!

  17. yes, they do look like they're walking & moving, much like supermodels

    have a sweet day

  18. Just discovered your blog and your awesome work :) and yes the ladies are definitely walking xx

  19. Awesome sketches ~ love the colors also ~~ thanks, namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  20. They most certainly do like they're walking--love their attitude too!!
    I wonder if that exhibition will still be going on in May--We'll be there at the end of May--I would love to see that!

  21. Tammie, I know I've said this before but gosh, I can TOTALLY see how your art is growing. Your ladies look stunning - look at their legs and the definition of them. Wow! I'm so very impressed. :)

  22. They certainly do look like they are walking...I love fairies!
    Much love to you.xxx

  23. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Yes, these ladies are stutting down the catwalk straight toward me. Great job! Love the cover of the Froud book, too.

  24. how wonderful! I definitely think they look like they are walking! I love the shoes, too!
    happy sunday to you! xo

  25. I so love fairies and would love to win this one! My comment to you is yes, yes, yes isn't it fantastic how one can learn so much from this beautiful electronic connection we have to the universe!! I can't even measure how far I have come artistically. The most important thing I have learned though, is to TRY something. Just doing the something is the thing, right? Well hopefully, right. *smiles* Norma
    p.s. yes those ladies are moving!!

  26. They DO indeed look like they are walking! You're doing quite a great job, here. :) And thank you for offering such a sweet giveaway - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed...I adore the work of Froud! :)

  27. You definitely have movement down pat. And a faeirie book...I'd be crazy to say I wouldn't love it! :-)

  28. Dear Tammy,
    Your ladies are swaying....
    I love your art and fairies but I am downsizing and letting go of many treasures....no book for me please...
    Happy Full Moon.

  29. You absolutely caught their movement - and beautifully. They look like fashion models. Thanks for the visit.

  30. How generous of you, Tammie. Must have been a wonderful exhibit. Love Froud.

  31. Oh how fun are these two lovelies!!! I love the movement and attitude u have captured! So fun to grow as an artist!
    I'd love this catalogue as I do often feel my gals hover between this realm and that... :)
    Thanks for offering this as a giveaway:)
    Hugs and smiles

  32. oh yes...they are walking, sashaying and swinging those hips!!!
    (no fairy book...but thanks!!)

  33. Such an elegant drawing you've made..
    You are a star! :)

  34. Oh your blog is lovely Tammie, just stopping by to leave love and follow you. Your figure work is excellent. x C

  35. Anonymous1/09/2012

    I most certainly would like to be in the draw for the fairy book! I love fairies and recently made two 'fairy doors' for friends' children this Christmas. Magical! And thanks for reminding me about your art blog - beautfifully creative!

  36. Oh, your drawing is wonderful! I'm looking forward to learning from her on Life Book - your girls are stunning.
    Thank you for your sweet visit and comment and YES please put my name in the hat for the 108 pages of faerie land, I am a big Froud fan!
    How exciting it must have been!
    Thank you, xoxo

  37. Thank you for your visit. I love to meet new artists and bloggers!

    Your art is wonderful, beautiful, and those girls are walking! I am loving your photography site as well!

    Until next time,


  38. Your ladies look wonderful and they are struttin their stuff!! Jane is such an amazing artist and I hope to take that class too one day! So nice of you to giveaway this book, I love the art.

  39. love you!
    as for the book...i would love it win but pay the postage

  40. They look like as if they are models doing catwalks on the stage :D Fashionable!!

    Would love the book (thank you so much for your generosity!!) and willing to pay for the postage as well :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Yee Von

  41. Wow Tammie what an awesome giveaway, I would love to be entered!!

    I love your girls walking poses, I find making my characters have movement quite tricky, you did a great job!!

  42. Sign me up! I am a Froud fan. I can see Lady Cottinghams Fairy Album from where I sit this minute.
    Your girls are definitely walking in a most suggestive manner, good job!

  43. Yes they look like they are walking...in the spotlight! Wow! I'd love a chance to look at that catalog! Patsy from

  44. Wow! What a beautiful blog. And I would really love to win this book. Thank you for the kind offer!

  45. i just love the way your ladies swing their hips and sway along!! you've got it....amazing what you're doing dearie...i'm so proud of you!!! xoxoxo

  46. Wow...your artwork is amazing. I'm just...well, this just fills my eyes.


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