Nov 12, 2016

Art Challenge: Winter Salon

deep in a California forest
land of moss and rain
there was a winter party going on
the fungi gathered 
to dance and chatter

one of them said: can you imagine living in a Montana forest
earth frozen and cloaked in snow
we could not fruit until spring

all the more reason to gather and celebrate life

winter Salon is our theme this week
offered by our lovely friend Stefanie

I did not know what it meant
I think it is a lovely idea to gather, visit, share and ponder
with one another

Thank you for being our host Stefanie!



  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une belle famille de champignons... J'aime les mots qui les accompagnent.
    Gros bisous

  2. oh this ist sooo cute!
    I am happy about your winter party - I will show it my children, they´ll love it, too.
    Thank you, x Stefanie

  3. I like you're interpretation of the winter salon and your nice definition of gathering and sharing - eric

  4. this is beautiful, tammie. I could see them dancing and chattering before I read your words.

  5. The fungi must be really happy in Montana's magical forests....lovely illustration Tammie!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Oh Tammie, all that fungi study you've been doing is paying off in a big way in your painting. How gorgeous -- I love these.

  7. I think us ourselves are one winter salon! 😉 n💚

  8. Mushrooms, feathers and pebble stones, none of them I will ever be able to resist. What a lovely idea, what a lovely drawing!

  9. Such a beautiful painting Tammie. Such warmth and gentleness. Only you could interpret a winter salon as a friendly gathering of mushrooms!

  10. Such a lovely painting,Tammie. I feel like seeing a fairy tale!
    Happy new week to you!

  11. Oh that's lovely. I've painted so many mushrooms this So much fun to paint them. They're almost over here on the West Coast, but lucky these California guys! They can party on. :D Next week the AC at my place? <3

  12. Lovely and magical. Thank you.

  13. I feel 100% with Tomoko! This painting is very beautiful, the fairytale is lovely!

  14. Ha Tammie,
    Deze schildering is prachtig,de herfst de paddestoelen
    puur de natuur, zo mooi!!
    groetjes Christiene

    Ha Tammie,
    This painting is beautiful,autumn mushrooms
    pure nature, so beautiful !!
    Greetings Christiene

  15. I do enjoy seeing your paintings of the natural world and the changes in the seasons reflected in them. It's easy to miss when one lives in a city!

  16. Love your mushroom art, Tammie.


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