Nov 7, 2016

Deer Woman

wandering through the woods
i met a hunter
he was looking for a buck
good thing my antlers were invisible



  1. I love deer, they look so amazing. They are shy and soft. They only eat plants. Men should not make so much intensive agriculture. We have no choice. Waiting for a better life in heaven. The deer shows us the way to the miracle.

    1. yes, gentle creatures are lovely teachers.
      Thank you Dori.

  2. This is a lovely painting. The red deer in Scotland are magnificent animals and so right in the landscape. I wish humans were so at ease in theirs. The swirly hair is great

    1. Thank you Maureen.
      Yes, imagine a world where people were at ease. Thank you for noting her hair.

  3. Lovely painting..... quite a scary idea!
    I've always been wary of walking in woods when folk with guns are around.

    Thank you Tammie - Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank you Ruby.
      The hunter I met was kind and caring for me, suggesting I wear more orange so that I am noticed out there.
      But yes, a bit unnerving to be in nature and run into people carrying guns.

  4. Enchanting -- again. I was looking for the deer that live on the island at the ditch yesterday. We may have been a little early. None were sighted, though they tend to be easier to see when the leaves have started to fall. I love those deer and always hope they are somewhat safe there...

    1. Thank you Jeanie.
      I hope you get to see the deer. I love seeing them regularly.

  5. such large eyes, I like them & the idea of a deer woman

    have a lovely day.

    1. yes, such large eyes. Funny deer seem to have large eyes too. But I did not know she would don antlers till late in the piece.
      I think meeting the hunter in the woods inspired the antlers.

  6. i'm glad you had your antlers hidden. beautiful, deer woman.

  7. Whimsical stuff. I am just curious - do you have any first nations ancestry?

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your visit and message.
      I don't know of any first nations ancestry. Just have always had an inclination/intimate relationship with nature and also art.

  8. I'm glad Deer Woman is safe from the hunters.
    There is something mystical about this painting, I have been gazing at it.

  9. Ha Tammie,
    Lovely drawing this fantasy figure with antlers
    very pretty face!
    But as a beautiful woman, look out for the hunter ......
    Wish you a nice weekend ......
    Greetings Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    Prachtig tekening deze fantasie figuur, met het een gewei
    bijzonder mooi gezichtje!
    Maar als mooie vrouw ,uit kijken voor de jager......
    Wens je een mooi weekend......
    groetjes Christiene.


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