Apr 19, 2014

Lovely Spring to You

 lovely Spring weekend 
Earth Day
to one and all



  1. Wowness..so beautiful...I love the healing energy of green and golden-glow! So meditative and dreamy!
    woah..spectacular moths/butterfly..stunning and magical! A visual dream!
    Hugs and Happy Earth Day kindred sister!

  2. Ha Tammie ook voor jou een mooi lente weekend.
    je schildering is prachtig!!
    een mooie foto met zo veel vlinders bij elkaar.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie also a beautiful spring weekend for you.
    Your painting is beautiful!
    a beautiful picture with so many butterflies together.
    A lovingly greet you Christiene.

  3. Sooo beautiful, much love to you x

  4. hello ladies,
    so lovely of you to stop by!
    thank you for your lovely magical greeting Victoria!

    Christiene, always lovely of you to visit and leave a sweet message!

    Trish, I am wearing your hand warmers! thank you again. Sending light and a bright smile!

    sweet Spring Sunday to you all~

  5. The circular painting on a rectangular paper works brilliantly. It really has its own energy and positive vibe along it being beautiful. And what a find of fluttering graces that you captured in your photograph! wishing you well:)

  6. The butterflies are so touching--they minister to my soul this busy morning. Your drawing is exquisite--oh sweet Friend, it fills my eyes. ((hugs0)

  7. Tammie,

    Wow, you really did capture the feeling of spring in the mountains in your painting, the greens, gold and the birds flying... Spring is so magical!

    What a lucky find with all of those butterflies all gathering together. I was jumping for joy yesterday when I spotted two butterflies dancing together amongst my spruce and cottonwood trees!

    Thanks for sharing your talents!


  8. wishing you a beautiful spring Tammie....how is your baby boy?

  9. Oh my, oh my, oh my! This painting is stunning!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous in all the spring greens and golds. Wowwww!

    And that is an amazing photo of...moths, yes? Gorgeous!

  10. Butterflies dear Bella, butterflies :-)

    thank you for enjoying this painting!


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