Apr 21, 2014

Concert Sketching

sketching by candle light
at a wonderful concert at Stillwater Landing Last night

this was my interpretation of Jessica Kilroy
she has a gorgeous voice and is a talented song writer!
thank you Bill for hosting!

in honor of earth day
i offer this glimpse of our beautiful earth

such an amazing planet we live on
i love her/Earth!


  1. Oh, Tammie! How beautiful! Yes, something was messed up in my Picasa albums. ARGH! It is all fixed now. I hope. ((hugs))

  2. Yes, Tammie, I also love the earth. Sometimes I think that people who live in contact with nature feel this kind of love, and the people who live in big cities do not feel it. It is so small the nature that is in large cities among many buildings, cement and iron...

  3. This is so gorgeous, Tammie! I love the glow her spirit gives off in this drawing.

    Oh so true about nature, she is a marvel. I'd do anything to move out of the city and back into the country. It's much more relaxing. <3

  4. Tammie,

    We can always see your connection to nature in your photography and art. Jessica, with her crown of evergreens, wreath of flowers and two feather, is a prime example. She has beautiful facial features!

    The rocks, once again, are such a beautiful reminder of the simple glories we have on our planet!

    Happy Earth life!


  5. I checked out Jessica's music and I have to agree, she has a wonderful voice and powerful songs. I downloaded two of her albums ! Thanks for the introduction! You for sure captured her voice in your drawing!

  6. hello Tammie~ that sketch is beautiful... she reminds me of Claire Danes... i love this, our earth too... happy spring to you also. hope all is well. have a great day~

  7. Beautiful sketch! Happy Earth Day Tammie!

  8. That's a lovely sketch Tammie and how wonderful to be listening to lovely music and drawing at the same time! The photo of the earth is stunning, such colours!
    Jess x x

  9. beautiful sketch Tammie....

  10. Sketching by candlelight ~ how wonderful!

    And yes, the earth … ::sigh:: :)

  11. Wonderful sketch, and how I love the colour of those stones ....

  12. Beautiful and mesmerizing! <3

  13. Ha Tammie, mooi je hebt echt oog voor alles wat groeit en bloeit.
    Prachtige tekening van een jonge dame.!!
    ook de foto een mooi beeld waar de stenen liggen voor het op rapen.
    Een zonne groet Christiene.

    Tammie ha, you're really nice eye for everything that grows and flourishes.
    Beautiful drawing of a young lady.!
    Also the picture a beautiful picture where the stones are for pick up.
    A sun salutation Christiene.

  14. It was a special good feeling in that night, when you draw this shine of feathers arund her head, I think!

  15. Beautiful sketch! She has deep and gorgeous eyes. And, might I add, she also has a very lovely neck. I am paying more attention to necks these days, having recently found mine.


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