Apr 13, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

recently a friend emailed a photo he took of me last summer
memories of:
the warmth of that day
the smell of the grass and clovers
our outdoor potluck
a stroll through the garden
inspired dreams of summer

also, to bath in the memory 
of that delicious feeling of laying on the earth
I sat down to make a drawing
surrounded my the music of my friends (Barnyard Riot) having band practice

today is gray
even snowflakes float by from time to time
plants attempt to grow
yet days are not warm enough
we are still in the tango between winter and spring
wishing you a lovely Spring!

photo by: Bill Boggs


  1. Lying in a bed of clover in dappled shade. I can imagine a great tree sheltering you there.

    Happy Spring.

  2. I did not see the picture that you drew when I first looked. I like the way you have drawn the grass, very impressionist. I have just been looking back over some of the posts I missed. you have been doing a lot of drawing. I could do with starting art classes.

  3. Hi Jasmine,
    you are so right, there was a big tree there and between the coolness of the grass and the shade of that tree I was in heaven - it was a hot day.


  4. Tammie ~ I love this poetic photo of you - you're so beautiful! And your drawing is inspired.

  5. Jasmine,
    You might love art classes, I am getting a thrill out of learning some basics.

    Ah shucks~
    this has been my style of drawing over the past couple of years. i am curious as to how some drawing skills will effect what comes through my art. Fun!

    lovely of you to visit~

  6. Ah that looks so relaxing. I can almost smell the flowers and hear the birds!!

  7. The other day while I was walking the dogs, and a cat I had to do what you're doing in the photo...lay down on the grasses, smell and feel the damp warmth of Mother Earth and watch the clouds go by...I was thinking it should be a mandatory practice every day for all us humans...maybe, just maybe, She would be appreciated more and then treated kinder then She is now.
    Beautiful photo...hug, hug

  8. Hi Julie,
    There are so many gifts from lying on the earth. I think we are brought back to a natural rhythm when we lay on the earth. I love your idea.


  9. Oh my... This is so beautiful!
    Both, the pic and the photo...
    This IS a real gift.

    Oh Thanks for your beautiful comment in my blog!

    I love yours


  10. The pictures just invite...no more like gently compel you to take a deep breath of outside.

  11. It was a bit of a thrill to see the picture that inspired the illustration -- both of them so beautiful. I feel that there are deep reasons you are compelled to this new drawing practice, and maybe unexpected rewards. I sure love what you are showing us!

  12. Wow Tammie, this blog is looking great! I'm off to look at your other one now!

  13. Absolutely lovely and I love the drawing - I am a huge fan of pointillism and this technique reminds me of that. You sure make clover look good!:-)

    Smiles and wishes of spring sent your way.

  14. Hello Dulce,
    Lovely of you to stop by. I enjoy visiting you too~

    I love your comment, that is how I felt when my friend sent this photo to me.

    Yes, can you imagine, I posted a photo of myself. I think I am breaking myself in slowly for when you call for self portraits;-} I love that you feel there are reasons that I feel I am compelled to draw. Reading your words actually is helping me to feel into what this is about right now. many thanks!

    Thank you for visiting. I am enjoying having this blog.

    thank you for enjoying this. I have mostly drawn with dots in my adult life. Somehow I see color that way, or build on it this way. I still love that. The new technique, pencil and eraser are so different and it feels good to have more techniques to use.

    Smiles to you and all~

  15. Hi Tammie, thankyou!! I really appreciate your positive input, have a great weekend.

  16. I love your new blog, it's beautiful and this picture is very tranquil. The photo is gorgeous :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.x

  17. Anonymous4/20/2010

    What a BEAUTIFUL photo of you! I truely love it! And your drawing of it is so beautiful also, I love to see your interpretation of the feeling of the photo, how you see/feel it.

  18. They're both just lovely. beautiful photo of tranquility, and I can imagine you reconnecting with that time and place as you drew this.

  19. Tammie, this is so romantic and dreamy! I truly love the grass and flowers in your drawing. I love how the earth echoes the soft curves of your figure. It looks like you are doing more than resting. It looks like you are listening to the earth, and she is whispering to you.

  20. Rose and Karen,
    Lovely to have you visit!

    Thank you for your for enjoying what I am sharing.

    It was a wonderful thing to lay in the grass and melt into the earth. Hope you are having a wonderful summer walk!

    Thank you, yes reconnecting indeed!

    Yes listening and hearing, soothing and healing... laying with no blanket is more intimate- not that I thought of this. But receiving the photo months later....brought it all back.

    Thank you all for your visits!

  21. Thank you for showing an ease.

    I am glad in your having visited my blog.

  22. Tammie I have just spent a few minutes enjoying the special feeling of going through your drawings and thing you find special. I love this photo of you and the place you chose to rest in. The drawing is fabulous. Full of spring colour.

    Well - I shall now go back and keep enjoying the rest...


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